Solo Flight Lesson Climb Altitude Conflict

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Brief description of the issue: Attempted (multiple times) to complete the solo flight challenge and was penalized for minute deviations from course (1-2deg) and airspeed (<5kts).

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OK–so after further testing, there is at least one bug with this training. In the briefing screen, the objective is to reach 5400ft at 75kts following departure. This is attainable. However, once the training is launched, the objective in the scenario is 5700. Even with a full throttle start from the parking brakes, this is impossible to achieve while keeping a steady 75kts.

Similarly badly designed training challenge

If you lean the mixture a little bit more, you should be able to manage the climb. From the start of the lesson, the mixture is just too rich for the altitude…

The lessons don’t mention leaning the mixture. They should. In fact, nothing in the lessons goes over what an airplane is, and how it works.

It seems to me SOME kind of flight ground school lesson on the engine of this airplane, and what fuel mixture is, and how to set it would be good.

In addition to this lessons often have completely stupid directions visually. The requested 41 degree heading in the first VFR lesson is not anywhere close to where the stupid arrows show you flying.

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Yeah, it’s funny, back in the 90’s, the sim didn’t have the much to offer in graphics (compared to today) but it had tons of great learning and analytics content. Today the graphics are unbelievable, but there’s hardly any content (ground school, POHs, etc.) or analytics (post-flight statistics, visualization of landing/flight path) without using an external EFB. I hope that improves over time, because I’ve spent a lot of time and money (and patience) in using this simulator.