Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

Asobo mentioned performance improvement on July, I think dx12 will be implemented when the Xbox version arrives. So let’s hope

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would be nice to hear something official from asobo about dx12 and performance

I’m pretty sure we hear something tomorrow Wednesday when it’s Dev Q&A Live at 15:30 UTC, it’s all about Sim Update 5 and Xbox.

i thought the dev Q&A are always on Thursday. missed that :smiley:

will the grainy graphics go away with dx12?

Perhaps “update to the latest 471.11 Nvidia driver using a clean (Nvidia) install” should be added to the list. Works great as judged by flying low at 70 to 100 kts over upper Manhattan at ULTRA settings at 1440p. New Nvidia Drivers 471.11 driver release! Tuesday 22/6/2021

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I had these stutters an pauses today. I tried to switch the live traffic and the player / traffic signs. No success.

The solution for me was to increase the rolling cache from 20 to 50 GB.

And that fixed the stutters? I have always had slight ones, but they’re getting worse the last few days.

I played around with some more settings, also switched off the rolling cache but increasing it fixed it for me. Maybe this helps some other players.

same for me stutter and bad fps with A320 MOD and A320 default…I have rolling cache 80 gb .

Not sure where to post this but I just had a very interesting experience a few days ago when my internet went out in the area I live.

Since internet went out I decided to fire up MSFS and I turned off the online functionality completely. When I was flying I had extreme freezes and stutters, litterally unplayable - even though all the online functionalities was turned off. What I had to do was litterally unplug the internet cable from my computer, then it was butter smooth.

So somehow even if you turn off all online functionality, msfs keeps trying to somehow connect or something every few second that causes major lag spikes. Just a heads up to anyone that might run into this issue.

I posted about this issue a while ago…
Seems like there’s something wrong how the game handles streaming/accessing the network?

A stutter-fest: 30-38 fps, but frametimes from 28-90ms

Could this be the Holy Grail to all our problems? I watched this update the other day and…WOW is all I can say! Watch the video and keep your fingers crossed…come on July 27th please don’t fail us! :crossed_fingers: :heartpulse: :airplane:

Same for me - stuttering on the A32NX is so bad. And the Aerosoft CRJ…? Smooth as butter!! It’s very frustrating because I love the A32NX… :frowning:

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Strange multi-player behaviour, fixed by switching to a different server. Maybe caused by a certain aircraft?

This at KBUF on the East US server:

After updating sim , I got a lot of pauses and stutters and I can’t get bing data , here is the
Error: “Your connection had an issue while streaming data, you have been switched to offline mode."

I think with that last update there is a problem in streaming terrain data that causes these pauses and connection errors while streaming data.

To be honest it sounds like you might have a networking error. This kind of behaviour happens to me if I leave my 4 year old router running 24/7

OK folks. The conclusion after reading all this topic is that there is NOT a solution to stutters and pauses, at least not one that persists through updates. I have quit trying personally.

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I have no stutters, only dropped frames if I drop below 30 fps but even then they are only really apparent if I make quick movements. Anyone can get good numbers at 8000 feet but my advice is that folk shoud adjust their settings to still run well on approaches all the way down to the numbers. An emergency fix could be turning off volumetric effects, a one click affair if you’r flying in dev mode.

Whether you’re GPU or CPU limited Babu’s guide is the best I’ve come across yet.
[HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (3/16/2021) - Guides / Advanced Pilot Help & Guides - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Also for GPU limited Nvidia cards you might want to switch the PhysX config in control panel to your CPU