Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

Does it really matter? If DirectX 11 works better for the development of the sim at the time compared to DirectX 12, should we pay the price of an even more buggy mess than it already is in DX11?

We don’t even know if DX12 IS the solution. We can only assume, I know I’m assuming because I’m not a game developer nor have I develop any game in either DX11 nor DX12.

If anyone has 7 years experience in developing DX12 games with similar experience in developing DX11 and wants to pitch in as to why MSFS using DX11 is a mistake and you can make MSFS work far better than the developers at Asobo, then by all means I’m all eyes and ears.

Otherwise, I don’t have sufficient knowledge on how to make the sim better by using different API. I leave it to the decision of the people who knows what they’re doing. And it’s not in our position to tell them how to do their job if we can’t do a better job than they can. Otherwise, you would already be hired to do the job.


I agree. Indeed, FS2020 was working fine (for me) a few months ago and it was DirectX11. So, I am not convinced that the problem comes from there. On the other hand, changing the API to DirectX12 can only be a good thing, even if we risk seeing new bugs appear. It seems that game studios like to use gamers (buyers) as beta testers.

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Almost 600 postings with all kind of solutions that not solving the problem, because Asobe has to do that. Every time they bring out a new ugrade there is something wrong.
More degration of fps or stutters.

The users are trying to solve the degration of fps ore stutters with all kind of creative changes. But the only way to keep the sim playable is to lower the graphic settings or to buy expansive hardware.

My settings are down to 30% high and 70% medium after the last upgrades to get 30 fps and where will it end. Multi-monitor support is not possible in the future because the fps then drops below a playable range.

I hope Asobe will invest more time in making the sim playable then to bring more and more scenery updates. It’s nice to have a detailed scenery, but with to low fps and stutters it’s no fun to fly in it.


Installed FS2020 on October 2020: 35-45 fps
Today with same hardware and latest drivers: 18-33 fps

They themselves are stating that they are upgrading to direct X 12 for performance improvement…

Please don’t attack me again

No they (developers) are actually stating the opposite. They are changing to DX12 for features, NOT for performance. Can be seen in several Dev Q&A.

I’ve heard differently from users that have communicated with the team directly… I guess we’ll wait and see…
No point in debating at this point, otherwise it just becomes an ego battle.

The fps varies depending on where you fly, the weather, multiplayer traffic, etc.

This morning i had 23 fps and now 45 fps.

How lucky you are. I stopped seeing more than 35 fps from update UK on and down. And regardless of the weather, multiplayer etc. The fps ceiling has been steadily descending.

Well my performance has dramatically improved after I installed Windows update KB5001391 that’s optional. I took off and landed in Santiago, Chile With no stutters at all and I even raised the LOD back up to 300.

This is just a suggestion, I know FPS equals peformance…but maybe just maybe turn off FPS monitoring and enjoy flying. Otherwise it becomes obsessive. I understand with stutters but constantly monitoring FPS …almost every thread comes down to FPS

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Why after I pass the final 5NM to the runway doing an ILS landing, my game starts to stutter and in every stutter the aircraft falls as if there were no air resistance , maybe the game thinks the aircraft is parked at 0KTS.
It makes really hard to land.
Does anyone know how to fix this stutters?

No ego battle.Just try to keep up with the Q&A.They themselves months ago mentioned DX12 will help them add more eye candy to the sim. I have not seen them mentioned performance improvements with DX12.That’s something they will have to optimize themselves.

Alright I concede :slight_smile:

I just want to enjoy this game without stutters

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I also suffered stutter since last update, the cure was to turn off multiplayer, however yesterday morning it was fine, in the afternoon stuttering was bad again, I am from the UK and used europe servers, I decided to try USA servers, even when the ping was 153 the stutter stopped … swapped severs several times with the same results, so what’s going on with the servers … the game is unusable with these stutters, I use multiplayer all the time, when will they sort this out, it was fine until last update.


Sems to be a solution. It works in offline modus. The stutters stops in the first flight. But need to test it few times more to be 100% sure. Thx

Offline modus is not the solution, because you lose to much comparing to the online modus.

I only get 35 fps when flying a simple plane, in the middle of nowhere, not a lot of clouds and no multiplayer traffic nearby. I think 35 fps is normal for this sim.

But yes it needs a lot of optimization. But i don’t think it was much better a year ago.

Its an solution, till Microsoft fix the server issue. Its up to you, if only online makes the game for you enjoyable, then enjoy the stutters. :wink:

Interesting. Altho im nor really affected by stutters and pauses, i lock my FPS to 30 and enable Vsync 30FPS ingame, which is mostly butter smooth. Some hiccups occur ofc when a big airport/PG city is loaded in, but thats it.

However, i did a 3D Mark benchmark on Firestrike (DX11) to see how HAGS, Gamemode and CPU priority will affect the test, heres my Result:

HAGS ON, Game Mode ON, CPU Application Priority:

HAGS OFF, Game Mode OFF, CPU Background Priority:

So, what do we see here is a bit interesting:
the result with HAGS OFF, GM OFF, CPU Background gave me the slightly better overall score. However, GPU and Physics score are lower, but the combined score is higher.

Also the estimated FPS, in this case for BFV is +5 FPS higher in the overall lower score with HAGS and Gamemode enabled.

So, i dont really know what to do with all this info. In the end, i guess, HAGS and Gamemode on or off doesnt make that big of a difference.

Also, im not chasing FPS in a Flightsim, my goal is to achieve smoothness. And the only way to achieve this, is to limit the framerate to a level that your system can reach in EVERY situation. In my case, even if i can go UP TO 60FPS in some situations, they go down to just above 30FPS in heavier scenarios.

I turn on Vsync 30 FPS in MSFS and set my Monitor refreshrate accordingli, this gives a very smooth stutterfree experience. Even if 30FPS sounds ancient in 2021,this is the way to go for MSFS. This is not your average game where you aim for 144+ FPS. Smoothness is what yuo are looking for! :slight_smile:

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