Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

On my side if have tested it on separate drives but it make no difference at all.

Yeah, I have no doubt it has little, if any performance benefits. At least nothing tangible. Like I said, I put the content (the largest part of the sim) on the secondary drive mostly because I don’t want to fill up my main drive. Since it’s also an NVMe, loading times are fast.

I have two samsung NVMe drives and yes they are fast but stutters are still there. I think that Asobo has to optimize the use of CPU cores because one core is working and the rest is sleeping. :wink:

Stutters are mostly CPU related. It’s not the drives.

I have a new MSFS-dedicated system (only otherwise doing a little internet/email/Zoom’s/WORD), with 2 1GB SSD’s. The MSFS SSD (an NVMe) has about 450 GB left free. Would it be worth it to shift some of this to the second (empty) drive? If so, how does one do this?

If you are experiencing slide show like stutters every 1-2 seconds after the most recent update. I have found the multiplayer to be at fault. If you go into settings and turn off “multiplayer” (Don’t turn off the “online functionality” just “Multiplayer”

All stuttering goes away. Yeah it sucks I can’t fly with friends and others… but as soon as ASOBO can actually make something that doesn’t break another thing. It will have to do.

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Go to Settings, Apps
Aps & Features
Scroll down to MS Flight Simulator
Click “Move”
Tell it the drive you wat it to move to

This will leave the first part of FS2020 on the original drive (1.6 GB)

It will move the additional part (170 GB)

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Thank you :rofl:

I’ve had this stutter issue since the last big update (#4). The sim is pausing every second for a moment. It’s extremely frustrating and almost on the verge of unplayable. I hope it gets a patch soon. :frowning:


if near the airports may be…

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Today, the best and only way to have fun with FS2020 is not to play at all. This is the best way to show our dissatisfaction. The performance of the simulator has deteriorated sharply even with large PCs … I have the feeling that ASOBO is mainly preparing the release of FS2020 on Xbox X by telling itself (since these are less powerful machines) that there may be - then be solutions for PC gamers.


That’s it! Disabled “Settings → General → Data → Multiplayer” and it’s gone!

Thanks for this advice. :+1:

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Omg man. I hope we all will play this beautiful sim smoothly one day but month by month i’im loosing my hope…


As a reminder, please keep topics on-topic related to “Solution for Stutters & Pauses”. Thank you.

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I understand the bad word restriction but my comment was related with the topic actually.

the focus is “solution” :wink:

And you mention neither a solution , nor the exact issue you have ( with your specs, etc )

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Oh ok then… :smiley:

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The solution has to come from Asobo, because after every update the sim gets slower or the stutters get worse. :cry:

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DirectX 12 was announced by Microsoft at GDC on March 20, 2014

Asobo decided to make a next generation flight simulator on a previous generation platform (Direct X 11). And consumers pay the price for that decision.

The way I’m dealing with the problem is to fly in areas where performance drops are minimal. So far, 80% of the sim is flyable.

I know… but check the heading for this thread.

What we want to discuss are “solutions” which users find to avoid stutters/pauses ( e.g. disbale multiplayer, avoid critiacal areas, etc… ) or at least a report about what happens by the user.

Post like “lost my hope because all is ***” , is not usefully… Or ?