[Solved] ! How to precisely input values using VR controllers

The issue is now already known i guess. Using of tiny knobs like HDG, CDI, Altimeter as well as the trimming wheel in the C152 by turning the VR controller is pretty much impossible with any degree of precision.

I have now found a nice solution for that.

Just assign
“Cockpit Interaction Increase” to right thumbsticks Y axis. Reverse off.
“Cockpit Interaction Decrease” to right thumbsticks Y axis. Reverse On.

Then you can use thumbstick up/down to rotate the knob accurately. Its awesome. For big changes like flipping the CDI to the opposite direction you just use the rotate gesture and then fine tune with the thumbstick.


This is fine as a workaround but really it should be perfectly usable to twist the gps knobs, etc. XP11 should be the model.

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To assign anything to thumbsticks in Reverb G2 I must use another workaround as they don’t appear in Controls Options when moved. I have to choose the “Thumbstick X” or “Thumbstick Y” from the list when assigning.

This is amazing solution. Before I unassigned the original right Y analog, I crashed Cessna 152 twice after takeoff. Trim jumped to -19.5 after touching it. Now with your solution I actually managed to take an hour flight and land by VFR ! Thank you.

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Its nice isn’t it :slight_smile:

I also recomend assigning Trim Elevator UP and DOWN to the left thumbstick Y. Very comfortable despite in game you get a message saying its not a good idea to assign that to an axis but it works fine.

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Thank you very much for these helpful hints. Works like a charm.

Do you know how to pull or push one of the A320 knobs like the altitude selector or the baro knob (to switch to standard baro ref)? I tried everything but couldn’t find it out.

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This has been a life saver for operating autopilot controls!

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Hmm no cant say as I usually don’t fly A320. But maybe i have an idea. There seems to be multiple actions. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary cockpit interaction. They are not assigned by default and i couldn’t figure out what they do. Maybe exactly that?

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Yessss. I worked it out with secondary and tertiary cockpit interaction. I bound left and right thumbstick to decrease and increase the value and up and down to push and pull resp. secondary and tertiary cockpit interaction.
Thanks again, man! You’re an expert!


What are the secondary and tertiary interactions?

OMG, so simple solution - makes me happy to fly again. Before was very frustrating to get it worked. Thank You!

And one more thing, maybe for others :slight_smile: I needed to select input manually, it didnt worked by “scanning” for input and moving a thumbstick.


Ah yes, thank you for mentioning this. Scanning isn’t working with controllers yet, but we can select thumbstick axis from a dropdown.

It’s not a solution - it’s a workaround. Rotating the controller, and getting haptic “click” feedback on rotation is so much better, and that’s how it should have been done. But we have huge useless jumps and no haptic feedback…

Awesome tips here! Did you guys manage to be able to grab the yoke and interact with the cockpit with the left trigger? If so, how? I tried many things that seemed like a logical thing to do and I never got it working.

It makes landings a bit dicey when you must let go of the yoke to change throttle settings… :-p

Works for me. I can control the yoke with one hand and throttle with the other.

Hi, I hoped this would also work in FlyByWire A32NX, but for me it does not. Does it work for you in A32NX or in the stock A320? I can select the altitude with the x-axis on the right-hand vr controller, but pushing or pulling the knob with y-axis (or any other controller button) does nothing. Thanks!

Do you mind following up with how you did this? I can only get one direction working (either up or down) no matter what I do with the reverse axis toggles. I figured down should be reversed for left thumbstick while up is not revered. The same settings seem to work fine for the cockpit interaction increase/decrease over on the right controller. I’m using Index controllers.

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