On Reverb G2 controllers the "Thumbstick X" and "Thumbstick Y" actions are not assignable

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HP Reverb G2

On Reverb G2 controllers the “Thumbstick X” and “Thumbstick Y” actions are not assignable.
How to reproduce:

  1. Go to VR
  2. Go to Controls Options menu
  3. Select VR controller left or right.
  4. Click “Serach by input”.
  5. Move thumbstick on the VR controller - not recognized.
  6. Press any button on the VR controller - recognized.

This may be related to:

To assign anything to thumbsticks in Reverb G2 choose the “Thumbstick X” or “Thumbstick Y” from the list when assigning. Just moving them will no allow selecting them for assignments, as described in the bug report above. Probably because the thumbsticks are axes not buttons.