On Reverb G2 controllers the "Thumbstick X" and "Thumbstick Y" are not operating anything

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HP Reverb G2

In the default HP Reverb G2 right controller profile there are following actions assigned:

  • Cockpit Interaction X Axis Lockable - THUMBSTICK X
  • Cockpit Interaction Y Axis Lockable - THUMBSTICK Y

The sim is set to Lock Cockpit Interaction Systems (because the LEgacy mode is now not operable in VR which is a pity).

These actions are not usable is the sim.

How to reproduce:

  1. Go to VR (e.g. C172 G1000).
  2. Select a switch or rotary knob witch VR controller (e.g. raycasting mode).
  3. Move the thumbstick on VR VR controller - no effect in the sim.

This may be related to:

I was just about to post the same issue.
VR controllers are far too imprecise to control a rotary knob or the G1000 pan/zoom joystick. But the “Cockpit Interaction X Axis Lockable” (and y-axis) looked like the perfect solution… except they do nothing.

Thank you for posting, now I know it’s not just my setup, so I will stop fiddling with my controller settings.
When the MFS2020 was initially introduced Asobo/Microsoft somehow pitched the Reverb G2 as the best supported VR headset (it’s based on MS WMR). It’s a pity they were unable to make it right even for their own (WMR based) controller :frowning:

I was having the same x and y problem… tried everything I could think of…no dice

I suggest checking this:

and the workaround specified here to allow assiging functions to thumbsticks:

Actually, they are very precise - in X-Plain I could rotate my wrist and adjust everything very finely: heading, trim, radio freq etc. It’s just that SU7 Asobo implementation is buggy and it’s impossible to dial in anything - see my bug post about that. If done correctly, rotating your wrist would be just fine for any control. But there’s no reason not to have both: joystick control can also be useful.