"Toggle tuning box..." in lock interaction mode impossible with VR controller (Reverb G2)

No Dev. Mode
Empty community folder
HP Reverb G2
Windows 10
WMR Runtime 108.2111.10005
WMR API version 1.0.18
Use lates preview OpenXR runtime On (in OpenXR Developer Tools for WMR)

In 2D mode it is possible to “Toggle tuning box between…” for example on dual rotary knobs with combined pusbuttons on the Garmins in C172 G1000. You can do it in 2D with “Press right mouse button to interact” - see the screenshot (red frame):


In VR this red box remains empty (sorry but I’m unable to grab screenshot while in VR). So you can’t change in this case between NAV1 and NAV2 with the VR controller.

Also when turning the VR controller to change the setting, the actual setting on the G1000 (NAV freq in this case) is chaning but the value in the lock control mode tooltip is not changing (see the green frame in the screenshot).

And finally turning VR controller is extremely coarse so you can’t change any value with any reasonable level of precision. Probably there was an idea to use VR controller thumbstick X and Y movements to rotate the knob with more precision, but this doesen’t work - see the bug reports:

I’m having the same problem with not being able to press the toggle buttons on these dials while in VR and using the lockable mode. These toggle buttons are pretty important for some MFD functionality and I’m surprised there aren’t more complaints about this. Is everyone using Legacy mode or something? I can’t toggle the buttons with either the right mouse click in VR or with the VR controllers (I use a Valve Index). I can spin the dial fine with either the mouse or VR controller using the fixes suggested in other threads. If this toggle button would work, I think I could happily fly with only the VR controllers!