Some GOOD had to come out of this! Awesome F1 Track visit with MSFS2020. Complete flight report and screenshots!

Plane: Beechcraft Bonanza G36.

Build by: Textron Aviation.

Departure: EHBK Netherlands

Arrival: LIPK Italy.

Distance: Around 500 NM

Total time: 9 to 10 hours including random stops, sightseeing, one refuel and navigation. (You can do this quicker)

So allright, here I am sitting at the desk. The SimConnect issue resolved and me all smiling cause all my gear tuned in and running perfectly. This is the first real flight after all the flights without instruments and SimConnect. So better make it count.

I have set myself the goal to fly over every F1 track there is over time offcourse. I came up with a nice route from the Netherlands down to North Italy were the next race is at the Monza Circuit. I practicly fly over Spa francorchamps so as this is my favorite track I must go there first, especially after it being the GP of last weekend.

I fuelled to the max did my procedures and took off from Beek at the airport Maastricht-Aachen EHBK and with a south departure runway 21 aimed for my first track Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. Very helpfull with this the msfs2020 vfr map app on wich you can see very detailed where you are at and were you’re objective is.

It took me not to long to arrive at Spa. First I see is the perfect layout of the track.

And the ultimate corner Eau Rouge.

Turning towards the chiace onto the straight.

Auch, hey what, there is a building on the main straight? I think A.I. saw the startlights as a building. I forgive the A.I. this for now. The track is beautifull in the Belgium ardennes. I did a high flyover and then went down do some nice shots of the track. Very nice surroundings.

Make some hight again and search for the little airfield just outside of Spa. Land there and take a little brake. After announcing take off I again make some hight and set AP on with a heading of 155 and altitude of 13000 feet and a rate of 300 feet per minute V-speed. I chose the 13000 on purpuse because of the Swiss alps. This huge mountain range I have to pass to get to my next objective. Wich is Monza also a iconic track.

The route itself is awesome. You can really appreciate Msfs2020 on these flights. I am stunned by the scenery.

In this route you pass these beautifull mountains and also fly straight over lake Como.

There is Monza I already see the track. Very nice as if you are there!

I get down to 2500 feet and next to 800 feet. Did some nice shots of the track.

Again auch there is a building on the main straight. Must be the starting lights again that are seen as a building by the a.i.

Oke so better land now, wait what…no, I dont want to sleep already. Still in Italy so I set route to the Imola race track. This is the track that comes after Monza.

But first I set course to Modena to fly straight over the Enzo Ferrari museum. It all there and it is awesome. Great to see this all.

Enzo Ferrari Museum right above it:

And just behind me:

From Modena its a straight forward flight heading 110, over bolagna towards Faenza were the Aplha Tauri F1 team is based. In between Bolagna and Faenza lies Imola. My next iconic track to visit. I decided to stay low at 1500 feet on my way there.

Arrived at Imola, this is really nice, it even says Imola spelled on the curbes. Made some nice shots of the track. The pictures speak for themselves. And there is no building in middle of the straight!

I searched for an airport to land. I selected Forli Airport in Italy LIPK. Ask clearance and with a left downwind to land on runway 30.

This flight was awesome. It really took me hours and I loved every second of it.

After the long wait (Msfs2020), dark times are now approaching fast! Yes, its coming, Winter is upon us and the long cold settles in. Whaa I can tell you I am ready for that now, thanks to Msfs2020! Really great job. I completed this flight with not one single stutter, not one glitch and a perfect working SimConnect!

My screenshots will get better soon. For now I just have a Gtx1080 in it. Can’t wait now to place the order on the 3080 the 17th or just maybe perhaps a 3090 but I feel very resilliant to pay 1500 for one grafics card. But the itch is there…

Next time I will fly to some other F1 tracks on the calendar. I will start where I left off and give some more insights to my route and the plane. If you guys and girls like these reports let me know that would be appreciated.

Happy flying to all!


how did u connect those other 2 monitors ?
thought only one is supported by the game …

Sorry am sure the rest of the pictures look great but I am stuck being very jealous of your home cockpit. OMG it’s a nice set up :slight_smile: Serious though thank you for sharing this good stuff!

Awesome! However you skipped the Nordschleife! It’s not that far from Spa. Karoussel this afternoon

Spa flying the track

Le mans driving the track lol

Sorry my frame rate sucks. I’m playing on a gaming laptop :confused:
That setup looks amazing!

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The support of the number of monitors you can use is limited by the gpu not by the sim itself.

Thank you, it is still a work in progress.

Thanks. Haha, The tracks really look amazing… from above :wink:

so just attaching a second monitor i.ex. settings in windows to 2 screens and running the sim in windowed mod?

Hey, thats nice!

I run the sim in fullscreen. Not windowed.

With the right Alt button on youre keyboard pressed and clicking with youre mouse on the flightinstruments like the pfd or eicas etc. you open the instruments in a windowed mode and can drag them to the second monitor.

Also on msfs2020addons website there is a vfrmap app. Download on github. Than you can open google maps and a pointer displays youre plane live on the map very accurate. This is very cool to have on a secondary screen.

Have fun! Brim.

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