Some ILS approaches dont line up with the runway

Sometime when im coming in on the ILS the plane is offset from the runway by 50m-100m or so and I have to correct it. For example in Kingston. Also heathrow 9L did it.

Are you talking about approaches in airliners? Those have known issues. I can try those ILS’s in the 208 later to see if it’s related to the aircraft or the actual ILS. I’ll check the plates too, since some approaches also have a “sidestep” requirement. Regards

KLAS 26R was the same. Probably a lot of runways like that.


Tried LOWI yesterday with the TBM. Would have landed on the taxiway to the left of the 26.

LOWI is a bad example since the LLZ is offset to the left IRL as well.

Interestingly it’s still wrong in MSFS since the inbound track is incorrect AFAIR.


Sorry, I did not see that in the chart yesterday but it is clearly stated. Have to look more careful.

28R at KSFO is off by at least a hundred meters.


EGPB Sumburgh runway 27, the ILS took me in 50-100m to the left. Aircraft: C172 steam gauges

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ILS RWY 28 at LIMJ Genoa Sestri has a similar problem.
The localizer is off by two degrees compared to Navigraph/Jeppesen approaches Y and Z.
When dialing the ILS frequency and selecting APP mode, the CRS is auto-set to 284 instead of 286.
When locked on the localizer, you can tell that the runway does not line up correctly.


In this all cases I’m very curious what data NavBlue really has.

Then if are ok, problem is on FS data.

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Can’t say much, but this is a known problem. Happens at different latitudes, if You have charts compare Magnetic Declination with Magnetic Track/Heading . (Try PAKT)
seems to Affect VOR and LOC/ILS

On those airports being reported here, also try and see if AI airplanes are aligned to the parking/ground lines.

Please report it to the Zendesk (It is our only hope)

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Zendesk is one thing, going to report there too, but we already know if we get enough votes on the forum, at least it’s going to get some attention.

Apart from manually flying in of course, is there a way to adjust the ils approach in the FMC to line up? i.e put in the correct degrees so it uses the autoland function correctly? Just did Sanfran 28r and I was basically so far right I might as well have sailed in on a cruiser.

No. The ILS inbound course is fixed.

I wonder how soon until we have things like Airport Editor software so we can just start making our own changes being that Asobo probably isn’t going to be able to fix things like this anytime soon. And I seriously doubt they’ll ever correctly name the taxiways - but at least we could fix our favorite airports.

Just finished my flight from LFLJ-LOWI. I agree that the localizer is wrong. I thought it’s an display issue, but luckily I managed the approach in the last seconds (very bad weather).


I had forgotten that LOWI has no ILS, only the localizer OEV which leads to runway 08 as well as to runway 26

There’s no LOC which you can use to land on 08, only 26.
From the West that’s OEJ (066°) and from the East OEV (255°).
The position of the LOC antenna for 26 is correct in the sim, but the inbound track isn’t.


Just crosschecked the chart. You’re right.

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I had the same issue in KSFO, KLGA and KBOS (the latter was eunway 15R). I think I encounter this issue more often than I have approaches that work fine. This is really annoying… I hope Asobo finds a quick and easy solution very soon… :confused:

Had to go around KBOS 15R. Definitely a good 100’ left of the runway.