Something up at Edinburgh? (Xbox series X)

I have noticed a few issues flying around Edinburgh on Xbox Series X, with the castle POI floating above the texture mesh and missing auto-gen buildings (as can be seen behind the castle in the image.
Also, some buildings are showing as simple cubes, with no visible textures.
Just wondering if this is how it looks for everyone, and if not how I might fix it. I have already tried a full reinstall, but it’s still the same.

Confirmed, Edinburgh is messed up (photogrammetry buildings missing… Castle as you illustrate it) on the PC version too. All data ON, and full ultra with LOD 200,

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Airport buildings are missing in my installation.

Thanks both for your replies - at least I know I’m not alone! :grinning:

Same issue here on my Series S. Occasionally the 3D buildings don’t even load but that’s rare. Same issues you have persist at all times.

Thanks, yeah it doesn’t seem consistent - sometimes I get buildings, sometimes not. The main terminal is missing though, as Chumley mentioned.

There’s an Orbex Edinburgh add-on that has just released for PC that the creator confirmed would be coming to console too, but that won’t fix the surrounding problems. I will try to report it as a bug.

Haven’t toured Edinburgh yet, but must have a look. I saw the same floaty thing with scenery when I went to Yosemite valley (it’s a discovery trip after US scenery installed). In the valley, Half Dome top half was floating in the air above base scenery. Its a shame as the regular scenery is just stunning aound the park. I’m using Xbox X.

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Yeah I just checked it out tonight there and looks the same. Not sure what’s up but for me the textures have went right down hill since Sunday 1st Aug ran brilliant up until then. Game loads in fine and plane graphics are fine just having big issues with the world textures. Thought it might have been sim update 5 that caused issues but sure that was realeased a few days before.

I’d have to agree, I’ve noticed a bit of a downgrade from today for me, particularly flying over mountains. Certain areas of the world don’t really seem to load in properly

Have you tried Los Angeles? It’s one big city of bad textures for me be good to know if anyone else is experiencing that like I am don’t think one building loads in properly other than the airports. I tried starting at an airport further away to see if flying in from a further distance would make a difference with the textures loading but the two times I tried the plane spawned in under the runway lol

Havnt been to the states at all yet. Ive been flying east from Ireland since realise, slowly making my way around the world. I’ve mostly been impressed with the visuals but notice some bad textures today particularly over Georgia and Azerbaijan (particularly mountains)
The base airports also leave quite a lot to be desired if I’m honest, most of them don’t seem to load in properly (invisible buildings etc)
Some visuals just stunning though, even at high-ish altitude. Today is the first day I could maybe say I’ve been a little underwhelmed, but this could just be the areas I’ve been to today not being particularly well captured etc

Cool, could just be that with being blowing away initially with how stunning the game is in places we are starting to notice the issues more now we are settled in to it. With me it was seeing the mess LA was in and the area’s around Manhattan island looking just as bad and then Edinburgh looking sparse texture wise with a floating castle was starting to think I had an issue at my end but if folks are experiencing similar issues then I’m sure it will get sorted down the line.

Just to add to this a bit, I have noticed that this issue (or at least the incomplete auto-gen) is also happening in Stockholm.
I’d suspect my Internet but am on a wired 500 mb connection and everywhere else, even smaller towns in the States, have been fine.

A couple of screenshots below for reference. It’s as if everything is a low poly model that hasn’t quite finished loading textures etc.

Feeling embarrassed although very happy at the same time, just noticed my bing data word graphics was turned off. Big difference since turning it back on as would be expected solved my issues right out although Edinburgh Castle is still floating. Almost positive I chose all the best settings when setting up to begin with. Thinking maybe it turned itself off with update or it was never on or my clumsy ■■■ turned it off when settings snooping before. I’ll just take the blame tho and move on lol

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How do you check this ?

Go to general options then down to data in the data connection section see if bing data world graphics is set to on.

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