Something wrong with Azure today?

The ATC voice service is super sketchy today.
Done a round trip, the departing trip first got ATC dead right out of the gate. So I restarted. After restarting, it lost Azure connection again and I had to go on. and finished the trip with on-and-off azure voices (intermittent azure service, offline voice when connection is bad).

On the return trip it’s kind of worse, right at cruise altitude ATC got stuck on one of the occasions where ATC should be talking to me (usually a sign of bad connectino). Instead of waiting endlessly I just switched between COM1 and COM2.
And then COM1 have no sound for ATC. I lost my flight plan once due to that.
Switched to COM2, works normally for another hour.
Then it happened again, stuck when I am talking. did the switching again, now COM2 don’t have MY voice but have everyone else’s voice.

So now I can’t hear ATC on COM1, and can’t hear myself on COM2.

Anyone have this issue? This clearly sounds like very bad server-end (I say server end because I have no problem with anything else) issue so I didn’t file a bug report.



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Performance has been horrible the last 2 days also, if there is an azure/ server problem it’s effecting all parts of the sim. I have t been able to fly since Wednesday night when my sim turned into a slideshow mid flight and has never recovered.

Edit: I deleted the rolling cache and everything is smooth today. Not sure if that helped since I do that after every Sim Update / World update anyway. Maybe the servers are just running better today.


I have not flown yet today, and I never use the rolling or manual cache. Hopefully, the servers are running better today.

Ive done a lot of flying today and its been perfectly smooth all day. Nothing like the last 2 days.

I had issues today and yesterday when I first started the sim. It was a slide show until about 10 minutes into the sim. After that it was ok. 3 days ago it was horrible. I fired up my old PC and used FS9. It was a joy to not have to use the MS servers.

Nothing but connectivity problems today whilst getting download speeds of 356mbps… They must be throttling the servers

It’s not. Still got a total ATC failure right out of gate. Switching to COM2 doesn’t help, switch channel doesn’t help, had to restart EVERYTHING.
Like, literally EVERYTHING. ACARS, FSLTL injector, flight plan, CDU input, preflight. That’s about 15 minutes of labor gone to trash, just because Azure doesn’t want to work.

It is generally better today, but I just lost COM1 again 3 hours into my flight. It’s all the same pattern: you get a stuck sentence that locks all your options but nothing was said, you were forced to switch to COM2, and it finally comes through. After that your COM1 never has ATC voice anymore (if this happened on an ATC voice) or never have your voice anymore (if this happened on your voice’s sentence).

3 hours into a flight before it fails is just the normal problem caused by SU5, first reported in July 2021, topic expanded to include failure whenever Azure resources get exhausted whether using AI co-pilot or not, it has received over 400 votes, and it has never been improved in SU 6 or SU7 or SU8 or SU9 or SU10 or SU11.

Perhaps it will be fixed one day in SU12 or SU13 or SU14 or SU15 or SU16 or SU17 or SU18 or SU19 or…

Glad they throttle YOU… why would everyone need to wait for you downloading an update in 20 minutes :sweat_smile:

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