Sometimes it is the most irritating game out there (Loading issues with MSFS)

Seven times I have launched the game and it doesn’t start, SEVEN TIMES!

Community folder empty
Scenery indexes deleted
content manager deleted

And yet the darn game remains stuck

Simply unbelievable

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Have you done a reinstall prior to these attempts?

I had a forced OS update happen during updating and reinstalling things in-sim. After that, trying to boot the sim up resulted in this, I suspected a corruption happened.

This certainly sounds frustrating!

Can I clarify that you mean content.xml deleted?
Whenever I have had loading issues with the sim I take the steps you describe but also ensure content.xml is renamed (e.g. content.xml.old), to allow for it to be rebuilt. Usually this does the trick and then once the sim starts normally I delete the new content.xml file and restore the content.xml.old to be the active content.xml.

I think this process refreshes the vfs (virtual file system) and allows for normal use thereafter.
I don’t think I have run into a situation where this process didn’t work…

It may be necessary to initiate a “safe mode” loading of MSFS in case the issue is also connected to any marketplace purchases. However, maybe “content manager deleted” means you have removed the market place content, in which case I recommend also following the steps involving content.xml.

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No I haven’t
The game just started

Yes I was frustrated, I couldn’t fly today
I spent the whole day trying to learn to create sceneries etc
Then later tonight this happened

Your post is very interesting, Yes by content manager I meant the content.xml
I was not aware I could put the old one back, that saves me a lot time searching for the airports that need to be set as off and others that need to be changed in position.
The game just loaded, just left it there and finally started, fortunately I had not deleted the old content.xml
I’ll put it back and will test later as it 3 am already
Thank you for you explanation and great tip.


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Well I’ve been trying to launch it again. Started at 7:30 am and it’s 10:26 almost 3 hrs and nothing

Last try with
Deleted scenery indexes
Clean community folder
Deleted content.xml
launched in safe mode


What should be the proper emotional reaction?
How should I rate the platform?


Is there any other work around to fix this? :rage:

I don’t want to reinstall 2.13 TB

2.13tb? How many mods are you loading at the same time here?

I found problems start when it’s around 1030+ concurrently loading.

Mind you as you said empty community folder - by which I assume also everything removed from AddOns Linker. It getting stuck on the loading screen is similar to what happened in the recent server side problem though.

This happens to me every time I try to launch FS2020 on a fresh Windows boot. If I end FS2020 task in the task manager and re-launch FS2020 it works. I have the same issue if I change anything in the Nvidia Control Panel. I am using the Steam version.

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I have everything enabled
I did this:

So far all worked and saved me from the full reinstall but it yet stucks on this screen

Though I have not tried the relaunch with the community folder empty yet
What I do is to rename the folder and create an empty one.

I’ve been on this since 7:30 am really unacceptable

I’ll try this time with the community folder empty after this brief reinstall

Ill do the save mode this time with community folder empty

It passed !!!

What would be wiser to do here?

Stuck again
In a different page but stuck
How depressing

Does anybody know what is it what it does at this stage?

I really don’t know what else to do, this is simply sick

When you are getting stuck loading with a near full blue bar, disconnect your internet. Shortly after the main menu will typically appear and you can reconnect.

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Disconnect the internet without closing the sim?

Yes. You can either pull the cable or disable the adapter.


ok proceeding

Oh my God

And I lost the whole day doing cntl+alt+delete

What is the cause of this?
I really appreciate it
Thank you so much

And now should I close it and try again? Will it open correctly?

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My suspicion is one of the last things it does when loading is try to populate the marketplace info. You’ll probably have to do it every time it seems to hang.

So it’s an issue of the platform because yes, the marketplace tab was like a watermark before reconnecting.

It seems the settings and configuration is gone
Should I close and reopen and see if it recovers it? or is it useless and I have to reset all again?


Ah, that might be what it is trying to do at that moment then. It might be checking your local settings file with the backup on the cloud. If settings are repeatedly lost from the disconnect trick then that could be a problem. I had not seen that reported before.

Edit: Hmm, saying that and thinking on it some more, I think the cloud backup and check is external to the game. Are you using the MS Store version or Steam?