Sometimes you have to pinch yourself

VFR flight over South London. Photo filters on, but this just looks real to me… The New Den. Millwall FC ground in South East London.


Holy ■■■■!! That does look real!

Looks great… Not sure what you mean by " photo filters". Can you educate me?

It means they took a screenshot, but then applied post-processing filters to it… such as giving it the ‘vintage’ coloring/vibe it has, and applying a darkened vignette around the edges.

If the above didn’t have photo filters applied, then all the trees and bushes in the shot would be the more standard, vibrant green we all know and love, the sky would probably be blue, etc. Colors would match their real world counterparts a lot better, rather than in Lish781081’s screenshot where everything is muted, desaturated, and possibly faded. That photo might have a fisheye lens going on, too, but if so, that’s probably directly from the game photo/screenshot and not a filter, per se.

I hope that helps.

It is a lovely screenshot. Sometimes post-processing filters can make computer graphics look more real than they actually are. That might be the case with the above screenshot to an extent; though, I admit the game has breathtaking graphics based on videos and screenshots I’ve seen of the final product – so a screenshot without filters may look just as good/real in this case

This sim routinely generates vistas that are just stunning!
Every flight I make just keeps capturing the moment!
Even without the filters [nice work there, though] the level of visual realism is so far ahead of the competition it must be embarrassing for them.
And all achieved, straight out of the box, completely vanilla and without recourse to spending hundreds of pounds on scenery that requires one to have to dance the dreaded ORBX shuffle, only to find that you’re still not even anywhere, let alone close!

Harrumph! Yes, love the picture.

Stunningly beautiful!

Such an amazing Sim!

Thank you. I thought that maybe it was a graphics setting in the program to make things look even better.

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Oh, no problem. You know, there just might be some post-processing effects built into the game. It seems like there might be a handful of options, based off a quick Bing/Google search; but I can’t confirm since I don’t own the game yet. I don’t know if there’d be enough here to replicate the first post’s image, but maybe…

Hi all…

The most effective way I’ve found to change the “look” of the sim as you fly, is through your TV/Monitor picture settings. I went from dynamic yesterday which over saturated everything to cinema mode which put a nice sepiaish tone on everything and seemed to blur lines together for a softer view…much nicer I thought…until I change it again in a few weeks…

Except the registration :stuck_out_tongue: