Sooooo, the wind is(n't) fixed!

Sorry but i simply don’t believe you, since every one seems to have this issue. I don’t see a logical explanation why you would be the only one having correct winds all the time.


The weather NEVER was correct in Europe. Upper winds were more or less accurate but then either the local QNH or the local winds or visibility at the airport is wrong (Metar). I never had any single 100% accurate weather experience after 20 or 30 flight over Europe.

Yes. The aircraft itself does the math based on airspeed, heading, groundspeed, and ground track.

Yeah i believe that. When I had different winds in Europe, I figured there was a good chance they werent totally accurate either

Possibly. But also note that according to others here in the forum there is a delay of around one hour.

In any case having some wind data (with delay) is better than having no wind data at all (aka 225/03). And it is probably fair to say that the weather resolution is not as fine-grained as the one you‘re getting from your local weather station… (my guess!)

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I am flying northbound from Keywest and tracking the accuracy in game vs.

My understanding is that from surface to ~FL100 the information is accurate but not above FL100. There’s a strong indication that somehow the data streaming functionality is broken for FL100 and above.

Edit: It turned out if the live weather is broken, altitude does not matter anymore - it would be broken everywhere

I am cruising@7400ft;
time location - sim vs.

  • 2:45pm Key West - 99/12kt vs. 90ish/12kt (how do I get exact wind direction on ?)
  • 2:50pm (25°07’30.3"N 81°38’27.2"W) - 225/3kt vs. 90/8kt
  • 3:00pm (Goodland, FL) - 225/3kt vs. 90/5kt
  • 3:15pm (Cape Coral, FL) - 225/3kt vs. 90/3kt
  • 3:21pm (Mayakka City, FL) - 225/3kt vs. 80/3kt
  • I think it’s broken now …

So after it’s broken, I exited to the main menu and the wind speed is missing everywhere.



Interesting @Pieter1982NL, can you share where you have seen that working specifically?

Are you based out of Europe and have a European IP? I know there was some talk about European IP working sometimes vs. other IPs…

I’ve tried both Surface Winds and Winds Aloft:
Europe (UK, France, Germany, Ireland) - Worked
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) - No Luck
US (Multiple Locations) - No Luck
Canada (Multiple Locations) - No Luck
S.E. Asia (Singapore, Malaysia) - No Luck

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I just tried EGSN at the bottom of this thread and did not get the surface winds to work. Maybe something on my end?

you are missing the problems it can create more than just which runway is in use. if there are 2 aircraft on the same airway 10 miles in trail at FL350 doing M.80 and the one behind has a 90kt tailwind and the other one does not, there’s going to be an issue


That’s possible. At the end it’s still quite bad compared to the live weather we are used to since years.

I stand corrected

Another thing to consider…
The sim seems to take weather inputs from the real data and put it into their weather generating engine. Thus rain and winds will likely never be the actual observations.
That being said there does seem to be some issues in that engine and how it handles layers seems broken. As does filling in areas between reporting stations.

And for that matter…increase the range you can see the wind sock animation! I know I’m getting older but my vision isn’t so bad that I can’t see the windsock look like its blowing a gale across the field! :rofl: maybe then people in this scenario will have a fighting chance…

Looks like they’ve heard us and it’s been added to the list.



There seem to be some wind bubble issue around the plane. The wind on the intro screen before flight is correct (saw 20 knots today in Japan). The waves at sea correspond. But plane behave and indicate 3 knots always. Funny, I even saw that windsock at the airport was pretty horizontal from afar (meaning strong wind), but as I taxy close by it fall down. :slight_smile: Clearly some sim issue here.

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Or the animation for the windsock doesnt kick in till you get close (like the taxi way signs being invisible till you are right on top of it)

There was never any “weather” or other item from the current planned patch, all people that read the patch list knew it from aug 27, mostly related to download\install\controller ctd and simconnect performance.


I had 2 flights in Norway and Sweden yesterday and the wind was 225/3. On the first flight I actually had a wind of 100/18 at take off and 5min into the flight it went to 225/3. Second flight was 225/3 all the time. So rest assure our friends from US, Europe has a broken wind as well.

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Have confirmed this myself doing numerous tests. This is not just a US thing, and it is not just a winds aloft thing.

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