Sort by columns in the logbook

Having column totals in the logbook would be great. Being able to sort columns would help so I could answer questions like, “What was my longest flight?”


Hi there,
I have altered this topic to just be about sorting columns. At the time this topic was created, there was no voting in Wishlist. Consequently, it was less important that there be only one request per topic. Now that this category has voting, we need only one request per topic in order to merge duplicates, among other things.

This part of your post:

has another Wishlist topic. So you may wish to vote for/comment on that one.

Thank you for your understanding!

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@N316TS Thank you for pulling this together and hopefully getting what I believe would be an appreciated function by much of the sim community.

Not a problem. Good luck! I wouldn’t mind seeing a more robust logbook some day!