Southern California Flyers

Based close to Santa Monica Airport (KSMO)

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My usual is KSNA, love GA / VFR flying in the SoCal area (my go to for the last few years in XP11). I’ll be in the C172, C152 or the SR22 occasionally.

Yeah same as the guy above. I’m based out of the KSNA local area when flying GA. My ID is Mastercheeef420 and I will generally be in my area around 6-8 pm. Feel free to add me and join in anytime for a flight, I’m in the west server so I shoild be able to see you.

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Hello, I’m based in KTOA

I’m over by KLVK

I learned to fly in the SoCal area (based at Cable Airport - KCCB), but haven’t flown there since the early-mid 80’s. Did KTOA used to be the Torrence Aiport? Most of my flying was done in the SoCal area. As with many aviation things, 9/11 changed everything.

KSAN here.

Can someone setup a DISCORD? would be nice to fly together and stuff.

KBUR - idigstuff

Member of Plus One Flyer club at San Diego, here ! Despite leaving in France.

I live in Menifee so French Valley is closest. But Fly out of San Diego mostly as thats where I was stationed. Hope to see some of you flying sometime.


KTNP - 29 Palms

Air Traffic Controller and Pilot out of SNA!

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Based out of KTOA Ghostwing218 would be happy to fly with some locals! is a server I made on Discord. Would love to get a group of people flying frequently!