Southern Finland ATC-event


If you are doubting your participation as a pilot, you should participate. Even though you cannot fulfill the recommendations for flying with ATC, we still encourage participation. Saying all that, fulfilling the requirements is important, because otherwise communication between the controller and the pilot cannot work.

Please check this thread for updates before commencing on your flight on the date of the event.

ATC online at 2020-09-17T17:00:00Z2020-09-17T19:30:00Z


Here you can find a Handbook that has relevant information and the basics in what people taking part in an ATC event should try to follow:

Google Docs: ATC event Handbook & QRH

The following are not required but are recommended:

  • doing readbacks correctly (acknowledging instructions with roger + callsign is more than sufficient)
  • using ICAO phraseology
  • using ICAO alphabet
  • taxiing correctly
  • landing / taking off from the correct runway
  • using correct callsign when talking to ATC
  • being able to follow “Direct to XY” requests
  • maintaining separation to other aircraft
  • asking for clearance before pushback

Airport information for planning

ATC-services will be provided on all Finnish airports through center, with more positions open in EFTU and EFHK.


Server (selectable under your gamer tag, right top of the screen): Western Europe

Remember to reclick on all of the options in the menu, even if the settings are already selected.

Multiplayer: Live
Live traffic: No
Weather: Live

Disable ATC voice from Assistance → User Experience → ATC Voices (set to no) (no need to disable in-game ATC, just don’t adhere to the instructions, when you are in community controlled airspace :wink: )


No text-based ATC will be provided (unless for help on the official discord).
We will be using the “Flight Events”-category and the voice channels under the category on the Official Discord

The Flight Events bot will switch you in to the channel with the freq you’ve set in COM1 in MSFS.

FLIGHT TRACKING & “ATC/Pilot-client”

The current build of MSFS does not show other players on the map. Therefore we will use the Flight Events app and the website

As described above, in the Communication section, using Flight Events & Official Discord is required, because otherwise the ATC won’t be able to vector or communicate with you.

This is meant to be a fun and informal flight. Everybody is welcome, no matter the amount of experience.

If you have any questions, you can use the #fe-general channel in Discord!

Hope to see a good turn-out in the event!


  • Before the event: Write in #fe-general (in Discord)
  • During the event: Ask in #Pre-Flight Planning Voice Chat (in Discord)


  • Flight Events with Discord connection to official discord enabled. Check #fe-guide on MSFS Official Discord for help
  • All airports in Finland, more positions offered in EFHK, EFTU
  • Spawn at a gate, not on a runway.
  • 2020-09-17T17:00:00Z2020-09-17T19:30:00Z
  • Any aircraft IFR or VFR
  • West Europe, Live, No Live Traffic, Live Weather
  • If you experience issues with MSFS, either restart at a gate, or slew/spawn enroute at designated altitude
  • The frequencies used:
    • Disable ATC voice from assistance settings Assistance → User Experience → ATC Voices
    • Additional positions updated during the event
      • EFIN “CTR” 127.425
      • EFHK “APP” 119.100
      • EFHK TWR 118.600
      • EFTU “APP” 134.570
      • EFTP “APP” 126.200

If you want to join as a controller read this forum post: ATConnect


Charts for all airports can be found on Official AIP:

Frequencies updated:

EFIN “CTR” 127.425
EFHK “APP” 119.100
EFHK TWR 118.600
EFTU “APP” 134.575
EFTP “APP” 126.200 (no controller yet :slight_smile: )

About 1hr of event remaining :slight_smile: