ATConnect. The Informal ATC Group



Who we are

We are a small group of people who share a passion to enhance the realism of simming. During the closed Alpha and Beta we organized community group flights and provided basic ATC services for those events.
We started out with a short event organized by one of our founding member DeferredGull247 in Canada. 6 controllers manned the stations at Calgary and Vancouver as well as Canada Center to guide a dozen of pilots in and out of those airports.
This event was followed by further successful events such as in Germany, Paris and our biggest yet in Oshkosh.

We’ve grown steadily and many controllers have joined our team and work together with our other founding members: (RobGeebivi, TwitchTVFrisoK, shogunn555, OddSobriquet, maxdergottliche)

What we do

We provide ATC services that are more relaxed than VATSIM. Therefore we do not see ourselves as direct competitors of VATSIM and frankly, we don’t want to be. We are much more laid back and aim to be an entry point into the realistic multiplayer experience VATSIM and other more professional virtual ATC networks offers.
VATSIM aims to provide the most realistic ATC experience possible. We strive to provide relaxed, not very formal ATC services, where pilots and ATC can learn how to talk on radio on their own pace.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t provide realistic ATC. We provide the service according to the level of experience of the controller and pilots. More experienced pilots and controllers use more sophisticated terminology and receive more realistic services.

When will those Events take place?

We will announce all our events in the official MSFS Forums (aka the Forum). As we are doing this in our off-time and there tends to go a bit of work into organizing and preparing such an event we can’t promise to have them on a fixed and regular basis (such as weekly). Best is to drop by every now and then and check if something is planned.

How can I join the Events as a pilot?

During the Alpha the community developed FlightEvents Flighttracker. A small app that connects to your sim via SimConnect and sends your position data to our map. In order for us to see you on our radars it is vital you have this little piece of software running and connect to your simulator. You can find all the info you need on the FlightEvents website.
Simply click on “join”, download and install all the necessary components.
If you need help setting up FlightEvents you can ping one of the ATC people in the official MSFS Discord any time.

How can I join the Events as an ATC?

How to join as ATC

If you want to join our group of controllers I would kindly ask you to contact me via DM on Discord at @Rob Geebivi#7083.

Our requirements to be a controller aren’t very high. You should have basic experience as ATC but extensive knowledge is not a requirement. We’d like for you to have a basic understanding of the standard phraseology though.
Our tool of choice in providing radar services is Euroscope. If you don’t have any experience in it, don’t worry, we hold training session for all new ATC.

Next planned Events:

Date Name Airports Planes Link

If you have a request for an event please write a reply and we will see what we can do

Past Events:

Past Events
Date Name Airports Planes Link
December 12, 2020 Twitch Canyon Race 1G4, KGCN TBM-930,
Extra 330LT,
Pitts Special S-2S
December 5, 2020 South Florida Fly-In KMIA, KRSW,
Any Link
October 7, 2020 Lake Michigan Area KOSH, KGRB,
Any Link
October 3/4, 2020 Mt Fuji and Japan discovery RJTT, RJNS,
Any Link
September 17, 2020 Southern Finland EFHK, EFTU Any Link
September 12, 2020 Canyon razor run Race 1G4 → KGCN TBM 930,
Extra 330LT,
Pitts Special S2S
September 7, 2020 Chicago Area with ATC KORD, KMKE, KOSH Any Link
August 23, 2020 Recreating the first ATC Event in Canada CYVR, CYYC Any Link
August 17, 2020 Paris Goodbye ATC event LFPG Any Link
August 15, 2020 AirVenture Air Show KOSH, KGRB,
Any GA Link
July 11, 2020 ATC-fly-in Germany EDDF, EDDN,
Any Link
June 13, 2020 Canada flight with real ATC CYYC, CYVR A320/B748 Link

I’m interested and would love to get involved!

We just update the main post see there for information. If still not clear make a reply

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I joined the Oshkosh event as a pilot and it was fantastic, one of my best flight sim experiences. For future events it would be great if some could be at a more friendly time for those of us in Asia/Oceania.

Yes we heard you and we were actually already planning to do the next events in Asia

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Excellent! Thanks and looking forward to it!

I remember your show-off :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing you during tomorrow’s event

This sounds awesome!

Are those times local time or zulu?

The time in the post should be displayed in your local time, you can also hover over them and then a drop box with different timezones will show up

We now have a Trailer !


Any information about the event tomorrow (10-31)?

I’m going to be honest, we kind of forgot that event :pensive:
Currently most members are really busy with School/University/Work so right now Events are not quite possible on our side.
Sorry about that

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interesting idea