Spain Bush Flying Tour - Leg 5 - Mountains, Pink Lakes and the Sea

Flight Length: 132 nm; approx 2 hours
Altitude: start at 7000ft, finish at sea level
Aircraft Type: Cubs, Cessnas, Caravans, Bonanzas, anything that can land and take off on short spots
Cruising Speed: around 110 ktas
Time & Weather Setting: 12PM-3PM at start should be fine (3PM at start for a sunset landing); Scattered Clouds works best, but optional
Multiplayer Settings: Set to “All Players”
Start Time: 19:00 ZULU
Comms: “Event Flight” @MSFS Bush Pilots Discord Server -

Description: A chill leg starting at a mountaintop bush strip, then coasting along rolling mountains and hills back to the Mediterranean coast, whizzing past Murcia, another photogrammetry city in the game. We welcome the thick, salty air near the sea as we pass over some pink lakes (yes! pink!), the health mecca for people with asthma, allergies, and hayfever, before landing at Alicante.

In-Flight Entertainment: Finding interesting places to land along the way and watch each other make a mess out of it.


IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT LOADING FLIGHT PLANS: Due to the nature of how FS2020 loads flight plans, if you load the plans in the sim, it will place you on the runway. If you CHANGE your spawn location, the flight plan will turn into a straight “DIRECT GPS” line flight. I suggest, leaving the flight plan as it is, spawn on the runway without any fear, but get out of the way ASAP and park somewhere nearby.

FLIGHT PLAN: Spain Leg 5 - VFR Santiago-Pontones Airstrip (LETK) to Alicante (LEAL).pln (8.9 KB)


Flight Plan has been posted above. See you all at 1900z

Hi. Where do you post pictures and videos done during the flights?

Hi there! I will post a few here and on the Discord server, once I caught up with my tasks. I am way behind on sorting through the pictures and videos I made during these legs.