Community Aircraft Mods Megathread

I was surprised to find there is no single topic dedicated to locating all of the current community improvement mods to the default MSFS aircraft so decided it would help me (and hopefully others) to locate all of the available community improvements mods and compile them in one thread. If you have any to add please comment below as I very well may have missed some of them!

Airbus A320:

Airbus H135 Helicopter:

Boeing 747:

Boeing 787:

Bonanza G36:

Cessna 152:

Cessna 172:

Cessna 182T:

Cessna C208:

Citation CJ4:

Citation Logitude

Diamond DA40:

Diamond DA62X:

Diamond HK36TC:

Discus 2b Glider:

DR 400 Dauphin:

EA-7 Edgley Optica:

Extra 33LT X:

Icon A5:

King Air 350:

Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor:

Savage Carbon:

TBM 930:

X Cub:
Bush League Legends - X Cub





There’s a really great one for the C152 that’s mostly discussed at Avsim:


Here’s a WIP C208 mod

By @Drosophila4641 I believe


Much needed list. Don’t forget this one: a TBM mod that is a bit more fleshed out than the one mentioned.


Added, thanks!!

Awesome, I added it alongside the other one!

Great! Added this one, thanks!

I vibe w this post, +1

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Lots of nice work! I flew the Bonanza G36 fix (dev update one) today and it was like a whole new plane; really great! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


Thanks for this list, very useful. Saved.

I just wish people uploaded these to so that we could have a central repository for all mods. Right now I need to monitor like 10 GitHub pages to check if perhaps there’s been an update to one of these mods. I really don’t get why flightsim community is like this - refusing to settle on one good depository and going with their individual pages, Google Drive links, Megaupload links, etc.

After downloading close to 8000 mods for Cities Skylines through Steam Workshop (and many other games) where everything is nicely kept up to date, flightsim world seems stuck in medieval ages by comparison.

Sorry for the rant and thanks for the list again.


I agree, it is rather annoying to have to check a bunch of different sites for updates. I’m hoping by keeping them all in one page it at least makes it a little less annoying to find those links though.


A good thread.
Thanks you

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Nice thread! This freeware add-on is also interesting:


I share the same frustrations. Which is ironic because the G36 project I started is one of those 10 GitHub pages you’re talking about. I’m thinking about publishing it elsewhere on well-known flightsim community sites. In its current state however, the mod is very much a work in progress and things are changing rapidly.I would like to hold off a release on major community platforms for now. Once development slows down (because we have achieved our goals or simply cannot progress any further with the SDK) a release on these platforms is imminent.

It would be nice if there was something like the Steam workshop. It’s so fragmented right now. From Nexusmods to reddit to all the dedicated flightsim communities and even dedicated msfs2020 platforms.


You should checkout It’s a growing platform that already has overtaken all other portals in terms of downloads and visitors I think.

They have great functionality and every week the site is getting better and better. It’s partnered with MSFS Creation Reddit and has its own Discord that’s acting as a meeting point for users and devs alike.

Main thing I like about is that it resembles Steam Workshop the most. It gives you an option to get notified whenever a mod was updated, or you can check it every week or so and see which ones you need to download. I absolutely would not be able to manage 20GB mods without it, no way. A lot of people will mod even more heavily than I do.

Like you said nothing will replace GitHub for coding, day-to-day development and collaboration, and that’s where it should stay. However, I believe that major releases should be posted on that website. If people want more frequent ones you can always link them to your GitHub page on the add-ons profile. A320NX is on and that’s kinda what they’re doing - they redirect elsewhere but I still get notification if new version is released.

It’s fun to follow progress of many mods on that website. People put shirt changelogs that for example tell me “oh cool I should checkout new night lights at this new handmade airport”.

I think you’d get much more exposure by using it and I encourage other devs to do so as well. The more people benefit from your hard work the better.


There’s also this one for the 747:

2 Likes is brilliant. Just checked it out. Some devs are also linking to github to share source code. I would like to encourage all devs to try and share/merge their mods with others as much as possible and publish it in GitHub. Would be cool if more open source projects like emerge.


I think that would end up being a huge mess, plus delay bug fixing, improvements, etc.

Some already work nice together (but separate), like the G1000 fixes with some of the planes like G36. I think that’s a better way. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

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It would end up being a huge mess if everyone tries to reinvent the wheel.

If people are already cooperating, not as big a mess as trying to glom them all together. There’s just no logical reason why the C152 mod would need to be bundled up with the G36 mod. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat: