New Issues Since Patch

Hi after every new MSFS2020 update you need to remove all mods from community folder and only put back in after Mod developers have fixed to work with new game version, especially the A320 flyby wire they are usually quick to patch but no update yet.
ps check this thread below has most of the links to MOD most used by community and welcome to Beta testing MSFS 2020 :slight_smile:

Community Aircraft Mods Megathread - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Edit: To be clear I am NOT blaming the modders (where would we be without their tireless support and fixes) This game is currently on a 2 week life cycle with new patch/update by ASOBO , in all seriousness a Fully released AAA game should not be having major/minor patch updates every 2 weeks, but this game needs it because it should IMO be in Alpha/Beta release ,then consumer expectations would be more measured.
My point is after every update you need to start your game in vanilla format ie No addons, (there are hundreds if not thousands of mods not created equally and everyone is different) which can affect game.
I even now remove 3rd Party Official paid content, If SIM works ie no CTD, behaves as you expect, then you can add your 3rd Party / mod content back in to test.
If you experience crashes or unusual behaviour then its easier to narrow down what may be causing it. So as a example Carrendo (Official Partnered 3rd party vendor) now have their M20R completely broken by ASOBO releases, changelog is very limited with each update by ASOBO so they Carrendo have to continually test and appear to also rely on community for feedback on what’s causing issues. There is genuine frustration all around.
A few updates prior some Marketplace Airports were causing CTD, even Liveries, so this game is essentially BETA testing for community so what worked before update may not after, what works for some now, does not work for others so its a constant challenge. MSFS 2020 will someday be a fully functioning AAA game… but atm it has alot of issues to be polite. It is a beautiful /impressive game when it works. Happy flying and welcome to the community.
P.S Any issues you have you will always find answers/ suggestions in the msfs Forums.

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