Spikes on Terrain and and Mesh Problems - Global

Good to know they’re on the case. I’d be happy to PM through my SDK files with my personal fixes if it helps. It would pinpoint a lot of the glitches.

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As some users pointed out, the spikes seem to be caused by small water bodies. Here an example near Grenoble:

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The hills, spikes and faulty scenery is everywhere I have flown, all over Switzerland and the UK. These scenery glitches are not the first time its happened. I do wish those responsible would test their updates first, I really do, especially before Xmas when we will all want to escape relatives :grinning: and spend more time flying
Releasing an update (downdate in many cases) a few days before Xmas is really not taking the customers (us) into consideration. Poor show, poor decision making, and insufficient pre-testing. This sim could be so great, I just wish things would be tested more before being “forced” upon us.


At LOWS. We see spike during finale rwy15 and on airport


The same in portugal in the area of ​​the capital lisbon two new mountains :zipper_mouth_face: :smirk:

Seeing quite a few of these…there are some just a mile or two NE of KBWI . Obviously it appears to be a global issue!!

toulouse france, and always when you have water

Thanks, I will take that as the fact that ASOBO have at least acknowledged this terrain spike issue.

Yup… have them too. Just a quick check at Concrete, Washington (3W5).

Good thing I have Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Spider-Man: Miles Morales to last me for the next few months. Maybe there will be a point in time somewhere in the future where new updates don’t break essential things that worked fine before.

At this point I’ve lost all motivation to even launch the sim. And I’m not being dramatic. Every time I try a flight there is a new bug that wasn’t there in previous versions spoiling it for me. Not fun at all.


Yesterday i purchased Montpellier Airport, just South - East of it there are scenery spikes like everywhere else in the world… no need to provide coordinates…they are just everywhere.


Thank you for informing us that the team is aware; that’s all we needed.
Edit: and of course a fix, but this is a good first step


No X-mas for the team now

i do not think they look at this now,but surprise me :+1:

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Lots of spikes around EPWS.

Each time Asobo sets hard deadline to issue the update (VR 22/12 in this case) they fail to execute proper quality control/testing.
How much time they will need to learn to have quality first and marketing following. If the marketing guys set the impossible deadlines, the releases are rushed full of bugs. They should learn to not set hard deadlines, and to issue the updates only when the proper testing was completed.

I spotted the spikes one minute after take off, impossible to imagine that they at Asobo managed to miss these enormous towers all across the landscape.
Normally in Europe the IT companies release their teams for a week long Christmas break (to consume still unused 2020 vacation and follow the labour code). Hard to imagine why they decided to release such enormous update just before Christmas:

  • they will either need to ask the team to fix it during Christmas,
  • or to keep the sim broken during Christmas time.

Hard to imagine worse case of bad timing and ignoring either the team or the customers.


Dear @OlieTsubasa443
I wonder why you believe it’s funny (:slight_smile:). The update made a product used by a couple of millions of customers barely usable. In my opinion this is another severe case of lack of quality control and lack of the respect to the customers. This is rather serious, nothing to smile.


5mi west of Toulouse, France (LFBO)

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I think they were out of pure good will to implement VR support before Christmas. After all it’s a free update and Asobo/Microsoft didn’t seem to receive much extra revenue from it.

I hate to think that the developers have to work over holidays for our holiday hobbies. However rushed update not only displeased customers but also negatively impacted their own revenue. As professionals they have to and will fix it ASAP.

In future updates, how about introduce some kind of parallel running system will will allow some players to hold or backtrack from new update for a while? This would actually benefit development team more by allowing them to mass test new things without worrying too much about messing up the whole game. It would be like releasing “beta updates” in many other games (Capitalism Lab for example) and effectively hired customers as testers for free!

They can even charge for the “Expert Users” privilege which will be able to try and back track from new “beta” updates weeks before other players. How much would you like to pay for that? $10??

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All of Québec province is a mess.(like the rest of the Globe i guess…)

Fly near cyqb/cyrq/ cyrc / etc and you’ll see spikes Everywhere and rivers that are feets above ground

They need to fix that problèm fast

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Hope they dont have to fix them 1 by 1 because it will be a loooooooooooooong job

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