Spikes on Terrain and and Mesh Problems - Global

Hoping for an update soon to fix the scenery spikes. Meanwhile, I continue to fly MSFS2020, despite the graphic anomalies. There is a lot of passion on this forum for a fix, and I can understand the frustration. Seriously looking forward to a hot-fix - sooner than later.

Please see the development update just published. Fix will come in a few days…


Same issue here in the UK. I have spikes in various spots on the landscape.

was probably missed to post this important info here too


start the sim,new update,but still no fix !
sim look like this after update,no addons!!!

the fix from comunity still work…

why can someone from the Users do better and faster Fix as Asobo???
wat does this new Udate???
more mess?
i am very disapointet…

The update was for The Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control (AIRAC) cycle only. Not a patch.

i hope they have not Mess up other now

And the winner is : “The Great Wall of ???

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You found it, you name it! :wink:

Is that one of those infinity pools?

How about “The Great Wall of Bordeaux


Since it was made there that’s a suitable name hahaha

Flew from Santa Barbara to LAX tonight. Installed the update, but in my case i have never seen so much spikes in the game as on this flight. Low IFR flight. Dozens of spikes and the buildings looked like they were rampaged like an armageddon happend. Everything on ultra. Hope the new update didn’t make things worse…

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It appears not, the update was mostly for the new Airac info. Just continue to use the addon - maybe we’ll get a “hotfix”! Or not.

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I have these spikes near Edinburgh Airport EGPH and also Florence LIRQ.


I get spikes inside the cockpit sometimes, and once directly out in front of the plane. It made the plane look like Pinocchio.

Hi all. A nice spike in Venezuela SSW of SVNZ. I can’t recall it fading when coming closer to it.


They always look so ominous. I expect to see alien ships flying around them.

4th leg of Breckinridge to Mariposa Bush trip. Really big spike.

Omg I have sloped rwy al least 10 degree angle I know it’s not real

Same here lots of bumps and spikes around Edinburgh.

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