Spikes on Terrain and and Mesh Problems - Global

True Michael. Actually my comment were more directed into the drama from some folks here. But you are right, the timing is odd for hotfixes and I think a hotfix will come after the holidays. Let’s hope for the beta process to roll out soon.

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With this last update (regression ?) after seeing so many Mesh bugs and seen the fantastic work made by freeware makers (who are a great part of the excitement for the game) destroyed (again), the only comment I can make is :


Will you test your work one day before “making the sim bad again” ?


the reason is VR - everyone wants to play VR in the christmas holidays…

??? Are you kidding ???

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You can register as a tester and then check the entire world for possible bugs in two days. Have fun.

so they test only two Days before we get a Update???

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I saw these around Iqaluit CYFB as well.

Have the same problems with V1.12.13.0 as described here (f.e. in EDDL) an other regions. See Screenshot. It’s only from far. If i come near to the spikes in the landscape, thes disapear and came back if I was flow away.
Please solve this bug near after the christmas holidays. Thanks


Spotted same elevation anomalies taking off from Manchester EGCC, in and around the city centre.

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Same thing north of BIAR and south of BIHU. In addition there is a big water mound near BIAR runway.

Just spotted now, near to Zurich. This is just getting ridiculous!

What is so frustrating is there is no acknowledgement from ASOBO. Just a simple “thanks we are aware and looking into it would suffice” and make us all feel a bit more at ease.


Unfortunlately there are also spikes at the south of EHAM after the latest update.


These spikes are absolutely everywhere, unbelievable that no one on the development team has seen them. Whoever released this for publication must be blind or something.

Maybe it’s a hardware thing?

I‘m on Ryzen 5000 with RTX3080, all drivers up to date.


Some insane spikes and elevated lakes and other glorious issues around ENGM aswell.
Im honestly just impressed at this point regarding breaking things that arent broken.

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Yep…I saw this am at egnm…figures something would break with the new release…

RTX2080 & Intel 9700 CPU here.

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Just play further. You’ll get the spikes sooner or later. I get them no matter where I fly. Sometimes more sometimes less, but pretty much everywhere.


Poland, area of Wroclaw. I fly over there quite often and now the flat-Wroclaw got dynamic spikes appearing where some water reservoirs exists.

It’s the Moses fix - water rises, a real miracle :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Good evening guys,

I’ve do the new update from the 22/12/2020 and I’m reporting somes terrain issues close to Geneva in Switzerland.

Thanks in advance.



Same thing around Grenoble (France). These spikes disapear when you come closer, but they ruin the scenery. I restarted & erased my cache with no succes.