St. John's International (CYYT) broken (detached) jetways

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A jetway fix was applied in Sim Update 12, but this airport had problems before Sim Update 12 and continues to have broken jetway problems after Sim Update 12. After a flight from CYDF to CYYT, jetways 1, 2, 3, and 4 were detached.

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Flight from CYDF to CYYT. Broken jetways upon arrival.

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Sim Update 9 (

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Hello, do you have any screenshots to share?

This is not my picture, but the issue at CYYT is identical…

Is that from this week? There was supposed to be some fix for this issue in Sim Update 12, but they may not have gotten all of them.

That picture is old, but the identical same issue persists as of 30 minutes ago at CYYT. I’m fully updated. A post regarding this was closed since this issue is supposed to be rectified with SU12.

Okay. I’m at CYYT right now. Is this what you saw? Or did you see a different one broken (or more than one)?

Yeah, I saw the same thing. The problem is odd. It may be fine on departure but is generally the worst on arrival. All jetways were broken.

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I’m sorry, you “saw the same thing” as in, only one jetway was broken, or all jetways were broken at CYYT? Could you spawn into CYYT right now and take a screenshot?

All jetways were broken on arrival. Only one or two were broken on departure.

I’m at CYDF right now. There are no gates at this airport. Where did you see broken jet bridges at departure?

I’m currently parked at gate 2 in the Air Transat A310. Jetways 1/2/3 /4 were broken upon arrival but are oddly intact as I prepare to depart.

Which airport is this?

This is CYYT

Okay. You mentioned broken jetways on departure, but I checked CYDF and saw no gates at the airport. Did you see broken jetways at CYDF?

Sorry. CYDF does not have jetways, correct. What I meant was whenever I depart from CYYT, everything is fine, but when I turn around and return to CYYT, the jetways are broken.

If you want to reproduce the bug, start at CYDF and fly to CYYT. This was the flight I did this evening.

Okay. What I would like to do is make this a report about CYYT only. I want to avoid bug mega-threads until the developers tell us that it’s okay to make a mega-thread. If we see it at another airport, we can log another bug report.

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Thanks. I saw another report last night. Can’t remember the airport.

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Here’s a couple of good pics of the issue taken a few minutes ago. Thanks.

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I don’t know if it makes a difference or not for this bug, but what type of Xbox are you on, X or S?

I’m on the X

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