Standard or Deluxe?

I’ve been using FS2020 since release day and have been using the Xbox game pass ever since, so I just pay the subscription. As I don’t really play much else I’m looking into purchasing the game and cancelling the Game Pass subscription. I need help deciding which whether to go for the Standard or Deluxe. I mainly just fly the A320 mod version. I would quite like to try out the 787 but keep hearing bad things about it having bugs. I’m not really interested in any of the other additional aircraft which come with the Deluxe version. I also fine that the handcrafted airports in the Standard version have a big impact on my FPS so I’m happy not to have any additional ones.

  1. Are there any other reasons to go with the Deluxe version over Standard?

  2. Is the Deluxe version worth having just for the 787?

Go for the Deluxe version. The 787 has no bugs and remember Spend you Money where you Spend your time…

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More Aircraft,… More Airport’s,…What’s not to Want !

Does it actually have more airports? I thought it had the same number of airports but a few more were handcrafted.

That’s right ! ,… Have Fun !


Standart is enough. Use Steam (not MSStore)


Any particular reason not to buy Premium?

Why Steam and not MS Store? I have all my settings setup already but I presume I would loose them all and have to start over if I went over to Steam.

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The aircraft in the Premium version are in the same condition as the standard ones (just additional aircraft types). The quality of the systems and flight characteristics is in the same depressing state as the standard ones. But! For standard aircraft, you can still create modifications (and there are a number of teams that make them), but for premium aircraft this is very problematic. In addition, for the sake of 787, it is not worth taking, because there has already been an announcement of the development of a fully working aircraft.
In general, consider this point. Default planes are the default. They are made carelessly. And even the Premium box won’t give you the quality.

The same goes for airports. There are bugs and jambs in these ports and I strongly doubt that they will be fixed.

With regards to the MSStore version, I want to say this. I generally recommend that you never and never buy anything from this store. Only in very extreme cases. The reason for this is blocking the purchased content from the user even for reading. Plus, there are many times more problems with the MSStore version. Programs that determine settings depending on the running game will not work for you (example Logitech Gaming Software).

Generally. My recommendation. Standart - Steam is the choice of the lesser of evils.


I have never had any problems with the MS Store version. Own several xbox games from there. Also, buying from the MS Store is play anywhere. Can be played on PC or Xbox console.

In the long run, it is cheaper to buy the premium deluxe. It will cost more if you upgrade later.


I bought the deluxe through the Microsoft store and haven’t had any ssues. I went with the premium cause for me $60 price difference isn’t a big deal in the slightest. I like having the extra planes even though they aren’t study level and have issues. The whole Sim has tons of issues. But in the grand scheme of things $120 is not a big cost for me. As a musician I’ll say that hobby costs me waaaay more money than flight simming ever could. And I used to be into astronomy, I won’t even go into the costs involved with that.

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It’s key future, agree. If you have X-Box, then MSStore version may be good choise.
But. I dont have X-Box, and never plan to buy it (well for now). I have problem what i can not access to MSFS files in WindowsApps, my Logitech Software not detect game. And this is problem.

Personally. I am opposed to Microsoft’s position that makes files on my personal computer inaccessible to me. This is my personal complaint.

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I would rather pay $ 80 for one quality aircraft than have 10 pieces that are unfinished.


Yeah, and if I want to spend another $80 for a study level jetliner I will, because I can :slightly_smiling_face:. I also bought X-Plane 11, been using that mostly at the moment till the latest bugs are worked out in MSFS. $60 for the Sim, I spent $35 more for XPRealistic and am loving it.

The only file not accessible, is the main executable which is common with all MS apps.

From the content of your post I’m trying to determine what kind of simmer you are, and since you say you are mainly flying the FBW a320 (and you do like it cause otherwise you wouldn’t be flying it “mainly”), I’d definitely suggest you get the Standard version and forget about the 787 found in Premium Deluxe. Sometimes in the future you can buy the 787 from Quality Wings when they are ready to release it

First Glimpse of the QualityWings Simulations 787 in MSFS – FSElite

I’m not sure how good it will be, and I never tried QW products before, but it will definitely be better than the default MSFS 787 (unless and until Microsoft and Asobo decide to add further improvements and features to the latter)


I also have never had any problems with the MS Store version.

While I much prefer using Steam over MS Store for various reasons, there’s a huge down side to switching.

All your progress (log book, challenges, any add-ons purchased from the marketplace, etc) are going to be lost. You basically start from scratch if you switch services.

I went with the Standard version when it came out. My thinking is, the higher quality versions come with a few extra planes and airports but most of the planes I want to fly are in Standard. The deluxe and premium versions might also be discounted in the future, and you can always grab the upgrade further down the line if you feel like it.

Thanks for your comments. I didn’t realise there was a 787 being released soon from Qualitywings. It definitely looks like it will be better than the default found in the Deluxe edition. I think I would rather make do with the Standard edition for now and wait for the QW 787 to be released.

I do t think it’s worth the hassle switching from Xbox Game Pass to Steam as I will loose settings, Logbook etc… I haven’t had any issues with the MS version and have always managed to access files, even modifying the flight.cfg file to fix the flaps coefficient values to fix the bug after the UK update.

In some cases, I would say many of the Premium Deluxe planes are incomplete even compared to the Standard Edition planes.

The only plane I would consider to stand head and shoulders above the rest is the steam gauge C172 Classic. It’s every bit as complete as the base G1000 version and other than the avionics package, identical. And the C172 is a well made plane in the sim overall. The 172 Classic is my most flown plane, and I’m ok with having paid the extra just for that plane.

The SR22 and Baron are OK, but missing some basic functionality (mixture doesn’t work on the Baron, missing keybind functionality in both, most of the SR22 cockpit is INOP). I consider the Longitude to be the most fun jet to fly in the game, but most of its cockpit is INOP unfortunately and really robs it of any sense of realism. The fact the HUD is one of the defining features of the Longitude and to have it INOP is inexcusable IMHO.

The extra planes don’t fit the description of either Premium or Deluxe IMHO. They feel like they were hastily thrown together in order to provide extra DLC content at launch with the intent of finishing them later. Only they haven’t been revisited nor completed as of yet. And since they’re DLC locked, they can’t be modded to fix the broken bits nor add the lacking functionality.

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