[Standardized Camera Reference Point ]New way to set default camera position: by entering the sitting height/eye height in cm/ft·inch

It is, but it’s still very limited close to the aircraft. I once almost ran over a pushback truck because you can’t see anything close to the aircraft.

It’s a matter of minutes if you know how it should be.

I assume that the zoom setting is even more important. I’m always using 0.33 because it’s the setting which produces the correct sense of speed on my 16:9 monitor and my viewing distance.

No projects. I stopped developing pretty soon after the MSFS announcement.

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Hi Bernt,
was very pleased to get your mail today !
Fortunately you did not have a run over. Hopefully now the airbus has video cameras at his four corners installed?

It’s “a matter of minutes” - , yes.
But it may take a day or more to tinker out the best settings for only one plane.
( If we would not have to restart the sim after every change in a config file one would write a short Python program, which would make it easier)
So again, thanks !! You saved me/us a lot of time and frustration .
The ZOOM setting:
“I assume that the zoom setting is even more important. I’m always using 0.33 because it’s the setting which produces the correct sense of speed…”
That’s the solution for me, – I had the vague feeling that the approach seemed so fast now, after using the new settings ! I thought it was a delusion.
Thank you for your hint, that we pobably have to shift the ZOOM too.
Yet, as already said, using your cameras.cfg settings, gives me an until now unexperienced level of reality with the planes a tried out, especially the Cessna 172, 152, Airbus…
Only now I like to fly Cessnas and the Airbus !

Bernt, I know, I plague you once again:
In which file folder do we find the zoom variable ?

Maybe, the standard settings are preferred by non pilots or not so experienced ones for take off or landing, because they tend to aim over the spinner or some reference point on the cowling, and do not take a far away reference point to aim at. This pilot deficiency
may not have an outcome as pronounced as in the realistic settings.
Bernt, thanks again !
Bye, walter

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No cameras and I don’t think that there are any which are covering the nosewheel area in other aircraft.
You simply have to be very careful and cautious! Pushback/startup are situations which are prone to serious acciddents.

You don’t need to restart the sim when you are doing changes in the camera.cfg file.
Run the sim in dev mode, and after a change simply reload the aircraft.

The zoom setting is in the MSFS cameras menu.

best regards


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Bernt, thanks again.

bye, walter

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“Run the sim in dev mode, and after a change simply reload the aircraft”.
Tried it out. Great time saver.
Tried out other settings today: together with your zoom factor your setting gave the optimum result (also for my 21:9 monitor), at least for the C172 I was tinkering about.
Just came back with these settings from a flight into the twilight of Iceland, - phantastic mood, clouds, hues, … like real .
Thanks, bye, walter
Have to fly once more !!!

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Is there a way to change this via the Community folder (overriding the default settings) or is it necessary to change the the cameras.cfg file in the “Official” foder?

Thanks, this is great stuff :slight_smile:

I’m using the camera.cfg files in the official folder since this is where all default aircraft are stored.

Cool, thanks.

I think I’m doing something wrong though as the changes seem to have no effect.

I changed the camera.0 settings in the default Cessna 172 and it still loads and recenters in the same spot as always.

I’ll have to have a better look into it tomorrow

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These are the values which need to be changed in the individual aircraft camera.cfg files.
e.g. for the 152 (the values after the ; are the original values which I keep as reference.

InitialXyz = 0.05, 0.14, -0.8 ; 0.049951, 0.09, -0.821195
InitialPbh = -10, 0, 0

Yeah, those are the ones in using.
Do you have to reload the whole sim BTW or can you reload the aircraft with the developer aircraft chooser?


Hrm… I don’t remember a ; and more values after the initial three numbers… Did I miss something silly?

I’m adding the ; and the original values manually to the file as a reference so that I can keep track of the changes.
No need to do that, but that’s one of the important things you learn quickly when you start playing with the files.

I’ve also made a separate folder where I keep the modified camera files, because sometimes a SU or WU updates the camera.cfg as well.

Roger… Standard ; to comment. Got it.

Should I see changes if I reload via the developer “window->aircraft selector”?

It would make chasing this down a bit faster.

Yes. Luckily this works by simply reloading the aircraft.

Makes individual fine tuning much more efficient.

Rock on.
I’ll chase it down in the morning then (nearly midnight here)

Thanks for your help

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Worked like a champ.
I think I might not have been moving them far enough to see a difference
trying to debug at 11pm might not produce optimal results :wink:

Knowing that realoding the aircraft via [ Developer → Window → Aircraft Selector ] should reflect changes to cameras.cfg indeed made figuring things out much easier.

Thanks again.
This rocks :slight_smile:

note: There’s a VR specific camera entry in the file at the bottom that changes the default viewpoint for VR…


Does anybody know in the camera.cfg file which views are from the jstick POV buttons?

Usually the top 4 of the list. They are listed under: Category =“Cockpit” and
SubCategory =“Pilot” as “DefaultPilot”, “ClosePilot” and “LandingPilot”

So is ClosePilot = down and LandingPilot = up

I’m trying to find Left and right