[Standardized Camera Reference Point ]New way to set default camera position: by entering the sitting height/eye height in cm/ft·inch

I think it might be good to be able to set the default camera position by entering one’s own sitting height/eye height in cm/ft·inch, to get a more personal and immersive/accurate experience, in an easier way. And of course, be able to save it.

That’s already possible by modifying the cameras.cfg. That’s e.g. mine for the TBM.

InitialXyz = 0.05, 0.19, -0.95
InitialPbh = -7, 0, 0

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Thx for the .cfg parameters. Will these numbers work in other aircraft?

I guess those numbers are “coordinates” instead of length unit IRL such as cm? I think if we can directly input by cm somewhere in the setting will be more intuitive though. Also, might be more universal for every aircraft, with the origin being defined as the top of the seat of course.

Each aircraft has its own cameras.cfg and the numbers differ with each aircraft.
These values indicate the distance from the aircraft reference point, measured in feet.

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I’m trying to make a custom camera view of looking directly 180 degrees to the rear of my aircraft (external) but have no clue how to do this.

Thx for the information. So I guess maybe what is actually needed is to define the reference point as the top of the seat.

The reference point greatly differs with the aircraft/designer.
Some are using the nose as the reference point, some the center of the model and some the CG position.

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Take a look here: Carenado Piper Arrow for MSFS to be released imminently - #138 by Player443549850
Where I wrote C172 use your prefered aircraft.

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:rofl: If they are all asked to use the same reference point it will be a lot easier for players…and the setting will be more realistic as we don’t have the dimension data in order to adjust the view to precisely matching the view one will get when sitting in the cockpit…that would make the experience as realistic as posible I think.

The original data in the cameras cfg file are already in an acceptable realistic position.
As IRL, you can only establish the optimum eye position by experimenting with the seats for/aft position and height.
It takes just a few minutes and a few tries, since the units of measurement are known.
Furthermore you don’t need to correct the left/right position :wink:

Btw, the reference position also differs IRL.

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@PZL104 are you sure these are not in meters instead?

Otherwise, I’ve been having a similar question because in nearly all aircraft, adjusting the position with SPACE is always making me sitting too high in VR. However I’ve been looking at all the settings pages in the latest update (in case there is something new) and it happens you can set a default offset to the position in the Camera settings. Adjust default height to 40% instead of 50% nearly cured this in all aircraft for me. I’m yet to ‘play’ with the other sliders.

Good point. In FSX it was feet and did assume it’s the same in MSFS.

The offset has been there since (almost?) the beginning.
Before using the cameras cfg I had it set at 80%.

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Yes indeed, I just never thought of it for VR and this works too!

The Numbers are in feet and degrees. To the left and the rear are minus, to the front and right are plus.

Just trying to find you again in the forum ( it seems to be not straight forward, at least not for me).

I was searching for you because of your suggested settings
in the cameras.cfg file.
I did it today and I was surprised how dramatically the realism of flying improved in the C172 (from an already incredible realism).
For the Airbus I’ll change the settings too, of course !!
How did you know ? From studying the documentation of the SDK?
Can you tell me how to comment in the camera file ?
Would you mind to make available more camera.0 settings
for the InitialXyz variable for more planes ?

Hope you can convince ASOBO.

Thanks a lot !!
bye walter

Because I used to design aicraft and FDEs for all sims up to MSFS

Put a ; at the end of the data section.

Sure (the numbers in the parentheses are the pitch values)

208______0.02, 0.6, 1.0 (-10)
A320_____0, 0.77, -2.25 (-7.5)
747______0.13, 1.05, 4.79 (-10)
787______0.09, -1.71, 31.15 (-15)
C152_____0.05, 0.14, -0.8 (-10)
C172_____0.03, 0.11, 0.1 (-10)
CAP10___-0.275, 0.2, 0.6 (-5)
CJ4______0.05, 0.47, 8.72 (-12.5)
DA40_____0, 0.11, -0.9 (-7.5)
DA62_____-0.05, 0.35, 0.40 (-7.5)
DR400____0, 0.2, -0.1 (-10)
DV20_____0.03, 0.14, -0.55 (-10)
Extra______0, -0.04, 0.5 (0)
King Air ___-0.01, -0.2, 0.57 (-7.5)
Longitude__0, 0.65, 10.82 (-12.5)
Pitts_______0, 0.02, 1.55 (0)
Savage Cub_0, 0.15, 2 (-10)
TBM_______0.05, 0.19, -0.9 (-12.5)



Hi Bernt, thank’s a lot !
The view over the nose of the airbus is phenominal.
I trust YOU, that you made it as real as possible.
The TBM was like the one I used for myself before.
Of course I’ll try the other assignments too.

It must have cost you a fortune of time tinkering out all the best values
for a perfect fit.
I use a 21:9 34’’ screen for the sim. Maybe for other screen formats
the feeling might be different.

Thanks for the hint with the semi-colon.

Wish you very much success for your new project !
(listened to the forum “Buschtrommel”)
And stay here with us pedestrians !!
bye , walter

Unfortunately changing the PBH value when using VR is causing a major problem I’ve been documenting here:

[BUG] FS2020 using 2D cockpit camera in VR - wrong horizontal plane rotation (ex: FBW A320, SALTY 747, SDK SAMPLE)

PBH values other than 0 in VR wouldn’t make sense IMO.


Well this is exactly what the topic I’ve linked above is about!

  1. Very few vendors are providing a specific PilotVR camera

  2. Many who are providing a specific PilotVR camera are still using a PBH value (most often a copy/paste of the camera #0)

  3. The game is using PBH value even if you’re in VR.

If the game wouldn’t be using the PBH value, eventually, vendors wouldn’t be required to pay attention to this for their VR customers. Even the SDK sample is setting the wrong example to me in using a PBH value for the PilotVR camera.

Unfortunately the game is still using some of the 3D camera logic even in VR. You can see this in exterior view when the camera position, which is actually your head, is moving up and down and sideways with the aircraft (nausea inducing), like it does in 3D, and also: [BUG/FEATURE] FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is

I don’t know what to think of these bugs but I believe these bugs just went through unnoticed during the game QA prior release, because as soon as you’re using FS2020 in VR and loading say the FBW A320, everyone should notice immediately something is wrong with the PBH (the whole ground is slanted more than 6 degrees beneath you). And just going outside and taxiing a little, everyone should also notice immediately something is wrong with the camera moving around with every bump on the road. 5 minutes of this treatment and you remove your headset and go :face_vomiting:

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