Start Flight from Last Location

Hey there - maybe this has been asked for a couple of times, but since I didn’t see it while scrolling through the topics, here’s the thing:

I loved planning huge spontaneous trips in the last MFSs, maybe land on a lake with the Caravan, save it and continue the next day. There was the simple option to tag the box “Start from last location”. Boom, it was that easy. But it seems that this is not possible… even when I save the flight - every time I fly and manually load it, the weather / time for example will be the weather and time it was, when I saved it, not the live one. Plus - there’s a lot of information unsaved. Like the status of the aircraft / camera…
We need the simple checkbox “Start from last location” back please…!


I would like to start a flight from point A to Point B and when I save the flight at point B this is where I want FS to startup the next time I launch the Sim. Everything would as it was except the Date, Time and weather would be current.

All states with the plane including flight plan
All state with the location.

Should be
Current Weather
Current Time

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When you are stopped on the ramp with the engine shutdown, hit ESC, then Load/Save, then save the flight with a .FLT extension. On the next startup, simply load the .FLT file from the World Map interface. I don’t believe this is a perfect solution yet, but have seen it work.

I don’t want to have to go through the load/save menu. I want it to load where I left off, with current weather, at a gate or parking or where ever I left off on startup.

Start FS completely with no interaction to last flight… automaticly to last flight or to a special defined flight. Controlled by some checkboxes in the main menu.
Without any further interaction

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I want the possibility to load an aircraft from the position where i left it before exiting the flight - useful for example when using add-ons such as OnAir etc.

Hi @StumpyFrame6 - You can currently save your flight by hitting ESC, then SPACE to bring up the Load/Save dialogue. You can save your flight (*.FLT) and then load that same *.FLT at a later time from the World Map and load in where you left off. I am not convinced this is a 100% perfect solution and may still need some developer polish. Give it a try.

Thanks for pointing that out. Didn’t realise that was a thing. Will give it a try.

You can. But not all parameters are saved correctly at the moment.

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I’ve been thinking about the same. Would be great if the game saved last location for each aircraft and pre-populate it as departure place, with ability to clear it at will of course.


supporting this request.

a flight sould be completely saved when finished and serve as start off next time.

this should include everything: location, time, weather, etc.

i also suggest that loading a flight should be a lot quicker. There are way too many steps getting airborne, almost annoying. The GUI is FS’s achilles which i would have designed a bit different really.
Objective is to get users into flight as fast as possible while keeping options to change as a side dish.

Thank you.


I wish it were possible to start a flight exactly where I last left my aircraft, and the aircraft is in the same condition I left it; meaning the same amount of fuel I left, switches in the same position, etc.
FSUIPC allowed for some of this in previous sims, but I don’t know that this is still possible.

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That sounds more like what A2A had with their AccuSim planes. Even things like not changing oil and leaving your plane sit for a long time would have an effect on it. It was nice to have my plane be my plane that I had to take care of if I wanted it to stay nice. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


I haven’t tried this yet, but there is the option of saving your flight at any point, including after shutdown. If you simply name the new save with the same name as before, Windows will fuss about the duplicate file name, but you’d just replace the old file. That way you don’t have a folder full of stuff you’ll probably never use again.

I like this feature and actually if you look closely Asobo have already implemented persistent state capability.

For example in the following folder you have a bunch of .flt files:


These are just .ini format text files, one per situation (climb, cruise, final etc…).
Each has entire sets of variable values which the simulator loads the aircraft with when matching the situation.

This most likely is the very same format in use when saving a flight plan (it saves 2 files usually, the flight plan and the situation). It would just require Asobo to:

  1. Save the last aircraft state in the aircraft folder or in the regular aircraft state folder with is located here:


  1. Add SDK support for third party vendors to get notified when the simulator is saving/loading the file.

This will allow 3rd party vendors to saving their own custom settings at the right time.

There are actually four, but only the .flt and .pln files are editable. They’re found in the …\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState folder.

And here’s a thought… Instead of making the persistence mandatory, just add a button that says Load Last Saved Flight. That way, you have a choice.


I was about to suggest the same idea. Some other things I’d like to be persisted:

  • Livery
  • Tail number
  • Flight hours
  • State of different components of the plane (which could lead to failures)

The way I’d imagine it is that on the screen where you can choose an aircraft there is a button to create a new persistent plane and another button to load one. Both of this could also be on a separate page where you can view and edit your fleet. In any case it would be an addition to rather than a replacement of the current way to select aircraft.

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The simulator is already saving per-aircraft state. This looks like the FSX way of doing it too.

Look here:


It could be nice to save our position in the world to resume the game and make a real world tour ?
We need to start a new game each time to do that.

Could you also add our last position on the world map ?