Start Flight from Last Location

A simple quick save feature would be wonderful. Not only for what you suggest, but because crashes to desktop unfortunatley do happen.


I would like to see a reliable Save/restore option so the start location (usually cold & dark ) and configuration of any aircraft does not have to be set up from scratch for every flight.To be clear…this is not about saving an active flight, but to save repeating the same work for startup.

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It would be nice to have the ablity to start your flight on the location where MSFS was shut down without using the flight planner.

Greetings Uli

Well I should like that option too. When I parked the plane and save the position, it should start up the next time I’l start from there in the real time and with the real weather conditions for that location. In FSX was that possible.


Right! And with the last fuel and settings in the cockpit. Like it was in FSX.


Cheers…! Just checking back, does anyone know anything about a workaround to have a useful save-game function? I don’t think there has been an improvement for it yet, has it? :confused:


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+1 for this and voted, would be a great additional feature.

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I miss this function too. I used Prepar3d before and loved to start the game where I left the aircraft.


I would love to see an explorer mode in which the game would keep player’s last aircraft selection, condition and position. Something like Bush Trips now but without pre-defined flight plan, so player could choose start point and keep traveling from airstrip to airstrip of their own choice, refueling and so on, using same aircraft, with an option to repair when needed (using function similar to ‘refuel and repair’ but for repair only, ideally would include aircraft condition view).

Please vote and share if you like this idea

If this can be done by making custom open-ended mission which can save the progress and continue after game restart, I would be happy to know how

So a bit like saving your flight, and then loading it the next day?

I guess it could be put this way too. The idea is to have continuous flight mode like flying your own aircraft without magic teleportation, and with manual refueling and repair.

I know players could emulate it by planning next flight from the same parking spot they finished previous flight at, but I would prefer the game to keep the progress for me, maybe even keep additional travel log, plus saving fuel level and aircraft condition in case of stress and damage.

If that was a “mode” to be had, I would definitely be using it.

I’ve painstakingly tried to do this since release of MSFS, where I’ve been flying continually from Norway, along the entire coast of Africa, then on to Australia via Singapore and SE Asia. Everything in a TBM (with a few exceptions).

It would have been nice for MSFS to remember the fuel between flights, so everything would have to be done manually. That being said, removing the auto-finish when battery is turned off, would go a long way. As I could then take a note of the fuel etc before I exit.

Newly released JustFlight’s Piper PA-28R has an option to save aircraft’s state - fuel level, and it also tracks oil level and battery charge. So, the game already has this functionality! It should be possible to have it for all planes, right?

The lack of votes really puzzles me.

Because I am going slightly mad over having to set up the whole scenario every time I want to fly - in stead of just continuing from last saved position/location.

By now everyone is familiar with the (un)logic of the GUI where you’ll need to click back and forth choosing dep/arr, AND DO NOT forget to choose ramp/gate as startup, otherwise you may spawn in front of a landing A320… Its just backwards, and tedious.

For avid simmers there really should be the possibility of going straight to “latest saved location”.


Exactly, I feel you. I would’ve loved a couple more votes so it stays active and finally lands on Asobo’s table… :confused: It still breaks my immersion while doing my World-Trip. I really do miss this feature from FSX.


Not sure if they remove voted for items if they add them? Could make visibility of new items harder.

We do. If you see something in Bugs & Issues or Wishlist that is now available in the sim, please message @moderators or flag it as “Something else” and let us know. (Don’t @mention us in the post the way I just did, though, because we don’t get notifications for that.)

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Thanks. Hard to keep track of all the wish listed items.

Hopefully starting your flight from your last location will make it into the top wished for.

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When I start a flight in single player I would like to have an option to load the last parking spot where I left my aircraft as the departure place for my next flight. The sim should remember this for each aircraft.

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I nearly always do this :smiley: remembering the gate I arrived at.Then setting up a flight to a new destination
from that point.
It might also be expanded in a transfer system.But I think a passenger system Passengers going into my plane from the gate
& a robust Airport AI Improve AI Traffic at Airports and in The Air - #72 by AlexJTot might be prerequisites to introducing a cool tranfer system. Where you just hop over to the plane for the second destination. Pretty much like a flight i’ve done IRL one day,with Airbus to Madrid & from there with a jet/cessna like plane to Almeria.