Start Flight from Last Location

There should be a persistent world option where you can jump into a plane just where you left it and in the state you left it, with whatever real time has lapsed in the game and in the current date / time / live traffic. The saved flight option doesn’t really do this. People could then start to build virtual hangars at airfields they like, and visit the virtual hangars of other simmers. Fly a few different planes to a spot and leave them there to use later.

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Even a ‘history’ you could pick from would be nice to continue your journey. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would actually love this!

As it is right now, I save my parking spot and fuel levels so I can manually enter them in for my next flight.

would be nice yes, but they have already big troubles to have this world bugfree…
there are 3rd party planes where states stay as they are.

Like the one we had before SU5?

OnAir airline manager companion app (and maybe others too) actually has this already.

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From what I can see, though OnAir and others include only players in their app (I’m assuming they have their own servers?). I’d like to see this in the live MSFS world.

This is exactly what I’m doing. A combination of OnAir (which I use for career immersion rather than flying around randomly), along with Little Navmap (which stores your flight and taxi routes, shows what you flew and where exactly you parked it and so on).

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I dream about airplane owner mode in which the game would keep an aircraft position and condition in between the flights.

It has to work for the smallest aircraft, obviously not the airliners. GA airplanes, piston engines.

So far, JustFlight Arrow came closer to this by tracking even oil levels. It can be done. Needs the will to do so from Asobo.

Other than that, OnAir does great job feeding even random failures into the game. But I really wish it was native mode.

Fseconomy is an alternative.

But yes, it would be nice to have this feature in the sim.

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I use FSEconomy. I tried OnAir. I have SkyPark. I played NeoFly. None of them are perfect but one or the other can serve the purpose.

Would be best to have a native mode in the game, though, especially since addons are not available for Xbox players

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Volanta is supposedly working on a solution for this with their paid tier.

Persistent aircraft with random failures, like real life, should be part of the base game, not paid tier addon.

Sadly, Microsoft/Asobo don’t want to go this way, and I’m clueless why hardcore simmers who praise study-level aircraft are not asking for long-term aircraft management.

Asobo already implemented part of this in bush trips. The game saves aircraft position and fuel, maybe even more, when an airplane slows down enough. It just needs to be changed to free flight mode with any aircraft and saving on power off. Shouldn’t be hard to do, right?


I keep hoping that someone will develop an add-on to do this.

While I hoped the developers would make a feature like this a part of the base simulator, the truth is, with the current state of the simulator I doubt we will ever see something like this from MicroSobo anytime in the near future.
I am encouraged, however. The amount, and innovative add-ons I have seen, for the platform, it’s only a matter of time.

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Hello, I
am really so much missing function of saving/loading the flight - when I land somewhere out of airstrip or even leave the aircraft on parking slot, turn off all systems, I want to load this same state anytime later. But to be able to have real current time, to have real live weather (or to be able to change), to start my aircraft cold and dark, to have fuel and flight plan and settings saved without any manual changing again like fresh new flight.

Default ingame saving is really limited. After load, Im not able to change weather (or even to have real one); to have real current live time (same time as i did save); to have aircraft settings as i did save.

Best regards,


Where Are My Aircraft by Lorby-Si (of Axis And Ohs fame) for FSX fits the bill

If there’s enough interest, a MSFS version might emerge.

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This feature is really missing in MSFS. It makes the Sim much denser and more personal… yes, you can store your position, but your plane is not as you left it. Asobo, please feel the sim!!


As others gave said, departure and destination should be populated with the last flight’s values. Often times the departure will be the same for many flights in a row. Such a trivial fix.

Also, the history stinks. It never shows the last 3. What is up with that? And increase it to 10-20.


It would to me be nice when the simulator can have a option were the msfs can rembered were i parked the airplane in the last flight. so i can start from the gate were i ended the last flight. i think this would be nice to have in the simulator.

regards Legendsy :slight_smile:

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An option to do that shouldn’t be too tough to implement, but it would probably need to be an option, to allow people to choose whether or not to use it.

I’d use it though.

btw, you might want to vote for it yourself :slight_smile:

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