Startup problems with msfs2020

since today I cannot startup the flightsim.
the text says file cannot be accessed and via another icon it says request cannot be supported.
any idea?

This may sound like a stupid question but I have the boxed DVD version and it asks for the game disk on start-up. My question is which disc should I use, I have 10?

Hello and Welcome.

Usually Disk 1 unless otherwise specified in most cases. Does it ask for this every time?

You may want to use Search to assist you in finding your answers. For example, this recent thread where it indicates it’s not actually a disk request but may be an indication you’re having connectivity issues to XBox Gaming services.

This is the message I get every time I start the game without the disc. After it starts, the game freezes at every screen. When I hit ctrl,alt,del and task manager, it moves to the next screen.

I installed from the box so I don’t understand how it could be an XBox issue.

Use disk one

Plus make sure you have the latest windows update