Please insert the MSFS Game Disc error message

Brief description of the issue:When starting MSFS, it is asking to insert MSFS game disc, but it was downloaded.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:Simply start MSFS

Hi @DrivableDart179,
This may be that the “Online” setting in MSFS is turned off. This will happen if your internet was interrupted or when down - either local or your ISP.

There are plenty of topics on this:
Search results for ‘insert disc’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

You will need to keep trying a few times until it lets you in. Once in, you can change that data setting back to on.

You also can try disabling your internet to see if that lets you in faster.

Also, please submit a zendesk. This “offline” detection needs some work.

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Hello DrivableDart179

In addition to Hester40MT reply, you can check the article below regarding the “Please insert disc.” message.

Let us know if this helped :slight_smile: !

Thanks for the help ideas! I followed the thought to restart from the MS Play Store. It ended up reloading the entire game. Unfortunately, it gave me just two (2!) planes, not 20, but the game worked. I just uninstalled it and reloaded it (all 12+ hours) only to get the same result - just two planes.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can get the “fleet” back to proper size?


Do a search on the forum for: 2 aircraft

Or open the support link at the top of the forum and go to the FAQ. Search for: 2 aircraft

you must go to content manager and download all the other planes and airports and world updates

MSFS wants me to insert a Game Disc, never had one… :sweat_smile:
I have a Gamepass install, since yesterday the Game always made that Gaming Service Update issue - “First start after install, with all that settings pages”, already known error… but the Game Disc request is new to me!

So, no FlightSim today… :roll_eyes:

Edit: Found a “Go around” for that issue, if you start MSFS as Admin, it doesn’t bother you with the disc, instead you are getting the common Gaming Service Update issue… :laughing:

hello !
This afternoon I had a knew problem when i’m starting MSFS. Game asked me to insert the disk.
I Tried everything on this link :
But nothing works.
I tried to disconnect and reconnect MS Store, but not working again.
I uninstall MSFS Application (1.43Go) and Digital Ownership, and reinstall : Not Working
I changed Windows time and synchronized it again after : Not Working.

I don’t know what I can do anymore

This worked for me:

  1. Did you turn on 2-Factor Authentication in your Microsoft Account?

  2. If so, then go to your Windows Notifications and check to see if your account is connected.

  3. If it indicates that there is a problem, then click on the message and authorize your computer.

(Note: I can’t remember the exact message since I was so elated to find the issue, but this should be enough of a lead for you to fix it if this is your problem)

Here it is again: the prompt to insert game disk at startup.

This is the second time in the last month - I‘m starting to get angry that I only have access to a game I payed for when Microsoft feels like granting it…

Did you try the solutions listed on zendesk?

That worked! Thanks for the quick and helpful reply!

My guess as to why the „Insert Disk“ prompt had happened: It happend on the day of change from normal to daylight saving time! And one of my regional settings in Win10 was not ticked.

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After a year, I have got my first ‘Please insert game disk’ prompt.

Deluxe bought from MS Store and internet is okay.

Anyone else have this issue?

Only changes over last few days has been Win 10 64 update and sim update.

What a pain!!!

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The last time this happened it was due to a failure on the MS end. Some XBox services had failed, and were down for around 2 hours I believe.

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Thank you - I was rather looking forward to nice flight!

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Hmm , I blamed it on my Internet ISP ( ownership ckecked over the web )…
Happened 2 - 3 times to me too.

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Those of us who buy CDs and are forced to have DVD No. 1 in the reader, what will happen if one day that disc breaks down?

There is software like “PowerIso” by which you make ISO images of an DVD and store them in HDD ( a certain type of file )
You can burn a new DVD out of it , even load it in virtual DVD on computer ( that is , without having the real DVD in hand )

Will depend on the type of protection the original disk has…

There are ways… if you look it up you will find it. ( and probably many others ).


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maybe it is because of the firewall. at least it was the case for me.

Next day - all working again - didn’t change anything so I assume it was an MS issue.