Startup Screen Captions

There are often some very pretty sceneries during the startup sequence. It would be nice if MS/Asobo could caption these so that the user can go there for a visit.

Just what the subject line says! It would be cool to learn where these beautiful locations are in the loading screens so we can visit for ourselves! Can’t be hard to add, right? It’s like the Windows 10 logon screen that you can click on and learn about the pictures it shows.

That would be a good place to overlay display of the current “SERVER STATUS” showing temporary server connectivity and quality problems. Then, the user can know what to exoect if they choose to continue to the sim.

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That is a Brilliant idea !!!

I agree a small caption to show either the place names or locations would be very helpful.

During the various loading sequences often screen grabs are shown of interesting scenery places. I have often thought ‘Hey I would like to fly there’ but as I really dont know every nook and crany of this world, the whereabouts of these interesting scenery places are mostly a secret. Would it not be nice if MS or Asobo put the name of the location somewhere on these pictures?
Not overly important as a requirement, I know.
There are more important things.
Just a ‘would be nice to have’ one day, maybe, or maybe these small things should also get to the top of the list sometimes. :wink:

I’d like to pose a small suggestion to include location tags to the in-game loading screen landscapes. I often see these very beautiful sceneries that I’d love exploring more of; but I don’t always know where they are.

Thanks for considering.

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