Steam version + marketplace

Has anyone got marketplace work on the steam version? when i click “buy”, there is only a notification that payment is pending. No popup on steam.

Marketplace payments are processed by Microsoft Payments (Ingame). Steam has nothing to do with it.

Not true. If you buy anything through the marketplace with the Steam version, you pay for it through Steam.

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It doesn’t matter where you pay, but for me it doesn’t work. I logged out of steam and the game and I booted the computer. So what can i do?

The support told me: Through MS Payments :man_shrugging:

Well, if I click buy-button, it opens Steam and I can pay there… so, it isnt going through MS.

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And my game doesn’t open anything, anywhere. Notification comes that payment is pending. But does not open anything, and does not give any error. After this, all purchase buttons will turn gray. When i restart the game, i can try the purchase once again until it goes into pending mode.


If only that was the only problem… Everything is about 45% more expensive to me in the Marketplace on the Steam version vs the Microsoft Store version! For example the Carenado 182, it would cost me R$112 on the MS Version, but on the Steam version it costs R$162! Instant regret on buying through Steam… Can’t even believe that!!!


i don’t know what that plane should cost, but the ORBX packages cost me exactly as much as was announced last week.

Did you buy on MSFS steam though? It seems to be steam users who are getting higher prices advertised on the marketplace.

Yes, the game is from Steam. Orbx announced London landmarks at $ 7.99. It is about 6.72 euros and at the marketplace the price is 6.75eur. so at least I have just the right prices.

Good to know the marketplace works correctly for some steam users. Weird why it is not working correctly for others.


it doesn’t help to have the right price. When I can’t buy anything. Nothing happens after pressing the “Buy” button.

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Same here using the Market Place “Purchase Failed” message.

Yeah, same cant buy anything in steam. Worst thing is, i spent 30bucks on the carenado on MS store while using the gamepass edition. then i bought premium deluxe and expected to have acess to the carenado there as well as it uses the same Windows Live account. But i cant get it yet…

If i try to buy anything on the steam-version marketplace it just says “purchase pending” and nothing happens at all. Cant buy anything right now since 2 days… this is fkd up. i want to buy LOWI and other airports but i just cant.

Okey, i can buy them on orbx central but there is the marketplace for a reason i guess…


Ah sorry, I misunderstood and thought you were also able to now buy and not only see the right price. It sounds bizarre why steam users would be blocked from purchasing whereas MS store users have no issues. And also weird that MS have not listed it in the list of known issues (on the steam MSFS thread).

Someone on another forum said they went to their region settings in Windows and it was set to the wrong region. Once they had corrected it, they were then able to make their purchase in the marketplace. Not sure if they were Steam or MS Store purchases but worth a shot to check your region settings in Windows are correct.

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Region is also correct :frowning:

No true MS Market place I cant buy anything !!

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There are posts all over the Steam forum regarding problems with the Marketplace but nothing from Support.

Was getting ‘Purchase Pending’ and the amount in dollars. Just restarted and it changed to ‘Purchase Pending’ and the $ sign change to ‘VC’. I assume that means Virtual Currency.

Region settings fine. Can purchase non-related items via Steam and XBox Pass/Windows Store with no issues.

Is anyone working to fix this!!!