Still no Live AI traffic

My AI traffic works just fine… I’m always holding short of a runway for someone coming in or anything… there’s massive amounts of traffic…

the best result will be achived when using multiple sources and merge the data on the server :slight_smile:


That’d be great if they do, especially with what you guys are trying to accomplish

I noticed AI traffic blinking in and out of existence today as it flew above me. Never seen this before. Seems like a new bug.

I will try that when I get home.

Do you remember the old days when you had to line up behind the heavys on the Taxiway waiting upto 15 minutes to get your turn to line-up on the runway. Or being ready on the apron but being told to let 5 Ai planes carry out their finals. Hell we even had that you couldn’t taxi from the gates due to traffic. Our only thoughts then was to ‘tone-down’ the traffic to 50% or zero if we wanted to get in the air quickly. Sniff… ‘glory days’? Perhaps…


I made a bit of a calculus and can easily conclude now that Live AI traffic in the sim represents virtually “zero” percent of the real world commercial airlines traffic.

Was in LA the other day, although my AI is always set at Live, I haven’t come across any birds, other than myself.

Not true, AI live traffic is 15 minutes behind FlightAware. I always see the exact flight number and airline


Isn’t there a difference between “AI Traffic” and “Live Real-World Traffic” or “Real-Time Online”? I usually set the AI Traffic slider to 95 which fills the sky with aircraft. I assume this slider has no effect for Live Traffic as the slider is grayed out.

According to the MSFS description, “Real-Time Online” SIMULATES real world traffic (doesn’t provide a real time traffic feed). AI Offline generates artificial traffic.

AI live traffic is ???

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Actually, the real world traffic is indeed real world air traffic. They get it from FlightAware, delay it I think 5 minutes, and send it out to those who have real-world traffic turned on.

My wife was on a flight and I found where her plane was using FlightAware, hopped in FS2020 and spawned in the general location, found her airplane, and flew with her plane to approach and landing. It was really pretty amazing to be able to do that.

From the FlightAware FAQ - “FlightAware compiles, aggregates, and processes data from over 50 government sources (in Europe, the Americas, and Oceania), dozens of airlines, commercial data providers, as well as thousands of receivers in FlightAware’s ADS-B flight tracking network.”

That last bit is the fun part - anyone can build their own ADSB receiver and increase the coverage and accuracy of tracking data. Bonus - you get a local web page you can access to see air traffic around your station in real time, no delays other than propagation and decoding delays, and no blackouts. FlightAware honors requests by aircraft owners to keep tracking data private but with your own station you see everything.

Last, it’s totally legal to set up these receivers in the US but may not be everywhere. Anyone interested should check their own laws. I don’t know that it’s illegal anywhere but I can certainly see that it could be in some countries.

As mentioned…


This has consistently been my experience as well. I tend to have LNM open and see the other flights and their number. I’ll often look them up on FlightAware. There’s always a 15 minute delay.

I’ve done this as well. My son flies to SoCal often for work. I’ve often tracked his flights on FlightAware and then hopped into MSFS and tailed / shadowed his plane, or watched it land at KSAN from the ramp. It’s always been 15 mins behind real time.


so far it seems online AI is mostly working in the US. I do my AI tests mostly in europe and there are still many voids…

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I know I am nitpicking. There are new users all the time. They do not understand much of the terminology we use in this hobby. So PLEASE, let’s TRY to keep it consistent.


traffic has NOTHING to do with


traffic !!

LIVE traffic is a representation of REAL traffic.
AI traffic is just like the cars on the road or the cows in the field. NOT LIVE.

Although it seems stupid to keep bringing this up, confusion DOES exist when using the terms incorrectly. You cannot adjust the amount of LIVE traffic using the AI sliders, is just one example.

@Alcatraz524 could you edit your title to reflect no “LIVE” traffic? This might help.

Just to be clear, because maybe this is where the transposition occurs,

There is no Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) involved in LIVE traffic.


well even online live traffic is still AI, since it is controlled by the internal AI logic within the Sim. It woul be better to use:

AI Traffic Online
AI Traffic Offline

Since both types of aviation AI are implemented within the Sim.

I fly mostly in Canada and the US. US typically has quite a lot of traffic. Nowhere near the real numbers, but enough to make the skies look populated. When flying anywhere in Canada, including the busiest hubs like CYYZ and CYUL, you’re lucky to ever see more than 1 or 2 other planes during a flight, even though there may be dozens of planes shown on FlightAware.

NO. Live traffic is simply being placed in the sim based on the position of the real airplane. No AI logic is used or required any more than the placement of a taxiway light. The 3d co-ordinates are pulled from Flight Aware and the model is put in that place. Then it is updated.

AI traffic is created by an AI logic to fly from one location to another based on random selections. The AI then calculates those 3d coordinates.

Two VERY different things. One is AI and the other isn’t.


I am getting live traffic even in northern BC. I am encountering all the normal regional airlines in both CYDQ and CYXJ. I even have the normal overflights from the big boys that I see when having my beer in the back yard. We are right on the northern flight path for most intercontinental Korean, China, FedEx flights from eastern US to Asia. My last trip to CYYJ, I was #3 on final and I could see lights of at least 5 aircraft behind me.

I have no answers as to why some users are not having issues with traffic/weather data but it is happening.

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I have moments where I’ll see more traffic than normal in those areas. I’ll be coming into Toronto to see 5-6 planes (in reality there should be 25+ in that area). Other times, it’s just deserted.

Like with many other issues with the sim, I think it’s a server-side thing.

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not 100% correct, example from now:

EDV5149 in my Sim is currently lineing up in KATL runway 26L incl. a full taxi from the gate (F14).
Flightaware is tracking the flight since departure in KATL from Runway 9L, listed as departure Gate is D44.

If MSFS would only use the tracking data (the AC chould only be visible shortly after takeoff, since no tracking data from taxi is included).
Live AI is fully integrated into the internal AI logic, we do not need to talk about the qulaity here.