Still No Registration Number On The TBM After Sim Update 9

This is not a bug report. The issue of the missing custom registration number on the exterior of the TBM has been well documented and has been with us for over 5 months.

This is a discussion/question as to why Jorg Newmann has not prioritized the custom registration number on the exterior of the TBM to be fixed. The TBM is one of the best default aircraft in MSFS 2020, and it has been unflyable to those of us who fly partly or entirely in exterior view for 5 months.

My guess, is that there is some kind of inconsistency as to how exterior custom registration numbers are displayed on the default aircraft, as it seems when Asobo fixes one exterior custom registration number (like on the SR22 and the Bonanza G36) it breaks another exterior custom registration number on another aircraft so it won’t display (like on the TBM).

So maybe there is a big rework that needs to be done by Asobo on how the exterior custom registration number displays on all default MSFS 2020 aircraft to make the method consistent. That is the only reason I can think of as to why Asobo doesn’t just jump in and fix the exterior custom registration number on the TBM, as they know it will break the exterior custom registration number on other default aircraft.

And if it is a big deal for Asobo to fix, Jorg Newmann needs to prioritize it as Job #1 on the next World Update or Sim Update.

The only light at the end of the tunnel for the TBM is the upcoming Carenado PC12 that will fill the slot of the TBM nicely, as which point Asobo and Jorg Newmann might as well delete the TBM from the sim, as they seem to have no interest in fixing problems with content that has already been released.

“How does fixing the exterior custom registration number on the TBM make Microsoft any money?” - Marketing 101 philosophy

My answer: It might help Microsoft improve the 2.5 out of 5 star rating in the Microsoft Store, and more potential buyers will buy it. My rating for MSFS 2020 in the Microsoft Store is 1 star at the moment to do my part in bringing the rating down due to all of the unfixed bugs in content that has already been released. When Microsoft/Asobo fix the bugs on content that has already been released, then 5 stars! :+1:

Appears to be only the 1st default livery. The white/grey with red slash.

Also affected are mod liveries from LiquidPinky but not sure he is still maintaining them.

To be blunt, it isn’t a high priority for them, it’s a cosmetic issue. I assume you can still fly the aircraft. So, sorry, but it’s not ‘unflyable’.

I’m sure it’ll be rectified, when the bugs that actually cause game breaking issues are addressed.


Gosh, I never really noticed that…TBM’s “unplayable” for me now that I know! Thanks for pointing that out! :wink:

I just flew the C208b 3rd party DHL livery that had a static registration number in a large font on the tail. It also had my custom registration number in a smaller font just above the belly of the plane. Two registration numbers on one plane. It flew fine. :laughing:


Don’t know if I’m missing something here, but I have just today installed the new release, and it appears that the registration issue with the TBM930 is now resolved. When adding my custom rego. to each individual livery, they show up correctly.
And if I change the rego in FS “Cusomization”, that change will overide ALL liveries. When that entry is deleted, the original preset regos return.
The only issue I still see, is that the font colour cannot be changed…it’s still white only, and too bad if your aircraft has a white fuselage.

To be blunt, an immersion killer for one may or may not be an immersion killer for someone else. Seeing an unregistered aircraft in the sky is an immersion killer for me. But then, you didn’t know that did you?

Remember the pink checkered liveries bug? Did you fly one of those aircraft? It was flyable, but I’ll bet you didn’t :wink:

I’ll play around with more of the liveries, then. I have just become so disgusted with this bug, I only went as far as looking at the default TBM in the hanger, which didn’t have a registration number. And I didn’t pay full price for the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS 2020 to endure a 2 year beta test period. But thanks for the heads up! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Just a thought, but remove any custom registration & call sign from the msfs liveries menu setting.
Grab the white default TBM for a quick flight. Check for default reg & call sign.
Stop as usual and exit msfs.

On next msfs start up, re-enter you custom info in msfs.
Maybe it just needs a cloud refresh.

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Still maintaining them. :wink:
Looking into this just now and checked in here first, seems the DLC planes work fine but the default one is broken. Again.

The Asobo model is broken, I swapped it for one of the DLC ones and the text worked okay but it does break the textures as the DLC planes are mapped differently.
I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing it just to get the registration to work.


Yeah totally this should be top priority.

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Moved to #self-service:aircraft-systems

Thanks LP !
Appreciate your efforts. :+1:

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Hi Everyone, bit out of the loop on this one but came to fly the TBM today, have tried default and with the latest “TBM improvement mod”, and the registration number still doesn’t show. Have I missed a fix for this?


With the release of 40th Anniversary a couple days away, there still isn’t a visible registration number on the TBM 930. Like most of you, this is very annoying and does make this aircraft unflyable in my opinion. We’ll see come Friday 11, 2022 if the issue has been taken care of.

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TBM930 Mod—Can anyone tell me how to put my tail number on the side of plane. The number shows up on the inside placard but not on any liveries on the outside.

Use this fix. Works with the TBM Mod too.

That did it, thank you Sir.

Hi, all,
I’m referring to the TBM930 here, as it’s the only aircraft I try to fly.
After installing the above fix for the exterior registration, (almost) all my registrations re-appeared.
I had a repainting done by an unknown artist for 3 different airline designs/colour schemes, and they remain my favourites.
But the registration details on the fuselage only show in the colour white, and as this airline had a predominately white skin, nothing is visible. The only way I can tell is by zooming-in, and I can see only the outline of the registration…very faintly.
These repaints were done around about 18months ago, I have lost all records of the painter, and even though the files include a ‘Panel.cfg’ file, I haven’t been able to make any colour changes there.
The SU8 fix worked a treat, so my thanks to those responsible.
But if anyone can offer any assistance here, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance


…even though i have entered one and is displayed at the cockpit.