STOL Adventure Landing Challenges

The beauty of MSFS… wait for the flight to end and the final discovery:


Flying over the spectacular Peruvian mountains of La Libertad Region in a Daher TBM 930 and landing at a difficult airstrip nestled between mountains of all quadrants:

Flying from Sollières Sardières Airport to Courchevel Altiport in the French Alps. The views are stunning and I needed to catch a breath after the landing:

Flying between some of the most incredible airstrips of the French Alps:

Nothing like the quiet and pacific of the Pacific Ocean

Arriving in Papeete, Bora Bora, after a full day of adventure

That quiet and fragrant air of Papua New Guinea

Arriving in time before dusk after a long day of missions in Papua New Guinea

Family vacation in Papua New Guinea, but boy, have those mosquitos got daggers!

Exploring Zanzibar and landing Mnemba Island white sand beach in the Indian Ocean

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Mnemba Island white sand beach in the Indian Ocean

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PR20 is pretty hard to land in. Many tries only one successful landing for me.

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I landed on the first try.

Kodiak 100 Series II STOL flight from Bradley Lake To Nanwalek, Alaska, landing on an 850 feet airstrip

I am pretty sure that you had an addon like

(or similar) installed. I just tried to checkout this place, but first of all there is no such ICAO code like “CBY2” known to the stock MSFS airfield list (no search results on the “World” map in MSFS), second once I found this place with the help of the above addon’s description there was nothing really there except some pixelated satellite imagery.

This is the spot, for the curious:

51.659977, -126.686289

But nice spot nevertheless - thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

So now you can try landing over Burji Al Arab of Dubai helipad.

Landing A Plane On The World’s Smallest Runway (7 Star Hotel Helipad) - YouTube

I have landed a helicopter there, because it’s a helipad.

I did watch that video. I am going to try that in a cub. Thanks.

Landing on a calm beach in New Zealand

I like landing the bush planes on Helipads. Here is Ho Chi Minh Tower. I’ve done Burj Al Arab, The US Bank Tower in LA, The Needlepoint Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight. Those are my landing challenges. Accept?

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Absolutely accept, Captain! Please share ICAO and I will try to do the same. Thank you.

I do not know what ICAO means. I will try though. I find these places on the World Map and set them as an arrival point. Then set my departure a few NM’s out at about 1500 or so on the altimeter via Nav Log. Then I just fly the jump. The Menara Telekom tower in Kuala Lumper is different and you can take off from about 5 minutes away from an airport and land there at 1000 feet. That is my current attempt. It is from the call signs
WMKF to WMMT in Kuala Lumpur. Totally lit up and I recommend night flight if possible.