Strange textures since the update

Hi there,

for me the textures have become very bad since the update, for example the textures always reload much later than before, so everything that is far away looks very blurry. In addition, I have very strange textures in some places. For example, if I start in Oslo (ENGM) on runway 01L, a strange hill appears to me that certainly does not belong there. You can see these hills in different places after the start.
I would be really interested in whether it looks the same for you or if only I have the problem

Hi, got the same thing the other day…very strange

Hello, thank you very much for the answer, now I at least know that I am not alone :grin: :neutral_face:

Hum… this seems related to the “spike issue” everybody encountered since the last update, look this topic there:

For the terrain reloading time, I saw few topics about it, but can’t remember their titles, sorry :sweat_smile:

oh the problem has been active for a longer time, I did not notice that before but many thanks for the thread.
Hopefully Microsoft will fix it soon

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According to the last development update, this issue should be fixed quite soon, within the next days :slight_smile:

very nice thanks for the info :wink:

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