Stratus clouds

Seems like all clouds are based on the same basic cotton ball. I cannot define a cloud type and I can’t seem to make a cloud layer less than about 1500’ in height top to bottom.


See their Q&A, they especially talked about Ci.

Thanks. They discuss cirrus, but not stratus really. They discussed making a really thin layer of clouds, but right now I cannot seem to make anything thinner than about 1500’ which effectively makes all clouds cumulus. I think if that minimum could be dropped to 50’ or 100’ it might create a plausible stratus layer.

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ah, yea confused the clouds for some reason :smiley:

In my view, being able to reduce the cloud layer thickness won’t solve the problem - even at 1500ft thickness the clouds are way too transparant and can see right through them…

Nice to see they are working on more types of clouds.

Can’t wait to see that in the sky!

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Bump. Cirrus and stratus clouds are a must. I’m tired of only seeing cumuliform. I’m a little surprised that the other cloud types and condensation trails were not in the release. I believe that FSX released with these features.

Step 1 - Fix live weather/weather injection
Step 2 - Add the clouds/trails/etc that should have already been there
Step 3 - ???
Step 4 - Profit


As our general cloud wishlist just got closed and branched to all these separate items, I’ll add my voice here now too.

Stratus clouds need attention, or perhaps even an option to add them.

Setting a cumulous layer to reflect stratus is ok for thick stratus layers, but the thin stratus that is common even in the tropics is missing.

Lets get as many votes as we can on these issues.

Search #clouds for all the topics, now that they’ve decided to separate them all, and vote on each one.


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