StreamDeck Simconnect "Engine Master" Switch question

Hi All,

I am currently playing around to improve my “home cockpit” with a strea deck. For thus I use the stream deck profile/plugin found here:

Now I have a little problem:
I mainly fly the Diamod DA40 TDI, which has a “Engine Master” switch. The Problem here is I cannot find the corresponding simconnect variable to a) show the status (on/off) and b) to actually toggle the switch.
Same goes for ECU Swap, ECU Test and Essential Bus.

Does anyone have a clue what I did wrong?

Thanks in andvance and BR,

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I’ve the same issue with the DA62.
Can’t find a way to use imconnect to toggle the ENGINE R or L switch.

GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION:1 give me sone indication about the motor (or switch?) state.

yes it seems that Asobo didn’t implement all simconnect variables for each plane. As far as I know this is plane driven an needs to be adapted for each plane - but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I’ll open a zendesk ticket on this regard. I’ll suggest, that you (@AjnaDaGuru) also open a zendesk ticket for the issues of the DA62 (if you hadn’t already).

Opened a zendesk ticket regarding this issue:
Request #95444 “Missing SimConnect variables for the Diamond DA40 TDI”

Same for me, trying to setup streamdeck for da62 but missing the essentiel id