Streaming data

Appreciate feedback on how to respond to the below message.
Your connection had an issue while streaming data. you have been switched to offline mode.

sometimes… is it really so hard to use the forum search function and choose a existing topic, instead to open the millionst new topic about “switched to offline mode” ?!

One example:

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Why berate someone? You could just say that this has been covered and point the OP to one another thread.

Or better yet, just explain that the data passes through as many as 20-30 nodes on its way from the MS/Asobo servers to your device, and any one of those could cause a temporary slowdown. Generally, unless there’s a genuine issue with the servers, your situation will likely resolve itself fairly quickly. If not, and the servers are actually online and functioning, there could be an issue with your ISP.

I read the posting rules but did not find anywhere that you personally must respond, disrespect and arrogance should have no place in this forum.

thank you sir for your input, I think you may be right , will check my ISP

you are right… normaly I had should report your post as duplicate…

Disrespectfull and arrogant is it, to open a new topic to let other users do the “searching” for you. Users which reads lots of topics per day and see lots of duplictes might be a bit upset, in special if we see many of these duplicates per day.

The hint you got with the “ISP” you find within the linked topic, as many other hints too ( from dns till router ), you need only to read.

PS: I thought a while whether I should answer to your “disrespect …”-post … My brain tell me “Better is I should not do that”, but I’am also only a human.

@tclayton2k I simple asked and as you see in its answer he knows about the rules and creates duplicate posts anyway. My post was far away from berate and you can see I done the forum search for him and gave him the link where he can found its answers ( and what I got from him was not a thanks, he feelt not happy about the hint to the forum-search ) . My given “unhappy” side-note about the forum-search usage ( and indirect the forum rules ) might allowed.
In special for this topic here exist a bug and we all know that Votes on Bugs show how important the topic is. Splitting topics and repeat the hints is not very usefull.

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