Struggling Running 4K with High-End Systems

Hi Folks,

I’m currently running the latest patch which I could say as High-End systems. I tried a stress test over KSFO, KLAX, KJFK, and EGLL. Well, with most settings on High and Medium, I can’t even get 20 fps.

Now, I put most of them to Ultra and sadly have to lower my 4K Monitor onto 1080p. I can’t just lower to 1080p in-game as it’ll so pixelated in results. Is this sim really hard to run in 4K?

I’m curious about some YouTube videos that running under 4K can get 40-60 fps, even with High Settings and much lower Specs compare to mine. (I found what with Ryzen 3700x and 1080 (NOT Ti).

Here are my NVIDIA Control Panel settings:




Here are my specs:

-i7-8086K 4.3 GHz
-MSI RTX 2080
-Corsair RGB PRO 32GB 3600 MHz
-250GB NVMe M.2 SSD (OS)
-Seagate 4TB Barracuda

I’m sure I don’t need to replace my RTX 2080 yet as is still well-running enough on other games with Ultra settings and constant 60fps.

What do I miss with this sim?

It’s really difficult to run in 4K on Ultra settings. I am also curious how those YouTube videos got it to work.

What planes are you using? I wouldn’t be surprised if in the single engine props without G1000 you can get that performance. With the airliners and anything with advanced avionics I usually get between 35-40 in 4K with stuttering. It drops and lags a lot too.

4k Ultra is not worth chasing on your PC. What you miss with this sim is that it’s a sim, not a game. If the games you played rendered at the same size and scale as MSFS, they’d fall into single digit FPS.

I have a 3070 and 4790k. I run 4k downscaled to 80% with a mixture of mostly high and some ultra settings.

In the 747 at JFK I hold around 25fps.

In the A320nx into LOWI I’m around 35fps.

Pretty sure no CPU/GPU combo exists that can hold 60fps and when new aircraft and scenery come into the mix, the hardware will always be chasing the software.


Ok guys thank you for you guys opinion. @BoldPilot8745 & @YensenMcGraw

So I tried OC my GPU using Afterburner, and OC my CPU to 5GHz. Mixture settings with most High (Not a single Ultra), and Slider down the Render Scaling to 80.

The results I got:

40 fps on ground - A32NX - EBBR Default Airport.
30-35 fps during takeoff up to 10.000ft
and 44-50 fps during cruising.

All of them with REX Weather Force.

I’ll stay with my settings.

This processor is able to run 5GHZ it’s rated to 4.00GHZ and 5GHZ in turbo, if u need to overclock it to get the 5GHZ activated i bet something is wrong in your bios settings.

He’s doing all core overclocks I think.

Turn off the frame rate limiter and turn off vertical sync no need for it if you aren’t hitting your screens max refresh rate. If your using vertical sync that will be robbing you of a lot of performance.

I did, But the problem is I’m not a Pro Overclocker. So I chose the AI Optimized options on EZ Mode. I guess it automatically turned off the XMP Profile. So my RAM Clock isn’t on 3600Mhz. While 5GHz is activated now.

With these current settings, I got constant temp on both CPU and GPU around 68-74°.

And the other concern is I only get those FPS as I mentioned above when GPU load on 92-96% and CPU Load on 12-20%. I have no idea why the CPU Load is so low. But sometimes, during the cruise, my GPU & CPU Load suddenly lower, let say GPU 50-60% and CPU Could be less than 10% which causes fps drops.

Any thought?

Yup, I just did turned off all the fps limit and vertical sync stuff. Thank you

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This is what currently running.


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Just done 2 identical runs on the current landing challenge. Left my stick and throttle exactly as is.

Started benchmarking the second the cockpit appeared.

Vsync on min 34fps max 55fps
Vsync off min 34fps max 56fps

Edited as 2nd run originally said vsync on

This sounds about right to me. I have it on ultra and have a 3080 and 10700K with 100% render scaling and get about the same frames with the A32NX.

Ok just done some testing to see what happens with various vsync settings.

I think there is only a performance hit when using the vsync option and limiting it to 30 fps expect if you hit 60+fps it will probably have the same impact.
some screenshots of my comparisons:
vsync on 60fps:

vsyn off:

vysnc on 30fps option:

SO yeah i thought there was a bigger impact with vysn whatever option but only see a significant drop in performance and lots of stuttering when using vsync with 30 fps option can see in screenshot the render time doubled in m/s compared to off or 60fps option.

For me also using 4k thought render scaling at 80 on i9-9900k and RTX 2070 the sim is smoother without vsync enabled and see a little stutter with it enabled with 60fps option and lose a couple of fps on average in motion.
Obviously I’m pushing my RTX 2070 to it’s limits with the resolution I use so every fps and little improvement matters. But yes definitely not as big a performance impact when using vsync at 60fps compared to without. Impact only really comes around when vsync is actually being used when reaching the set limits.

Here is a short tutorial you guys can try.

First of all, for this to work you need to look at your monitor’s display settings and see if refresh rate can be changed to 30hz. If you can then don’t do anything yet and continue below:

  1. Open the simulator and on the settings turn developer mode ON. And FPS counter ON.
    (External FPS counters will not be as accurate so don’t use it for this)

On the graphic settings follow this:

Resolution - whatever your native monitor resolution is
Vsync - Off
Render scaling - 100
Buildings - med
Trees - med
Grass - med
Antialiasing- TAA
TLoD - 100
OLoD - 100
Clouds - Ultra
Water - low
Ambient Occlusion - high
Anisotropic / TSS - 4x ; 4x4
Tex synthesis - low
Texture resolution - ultra
Shad maps - 2048
Terr shad - 1024
Lens f - on
Bloom - on
Light shafts - low
Windshield eff - ultra
Contact shadows - low
Reflect - high
Depth of field - high
Lens correction - off
Motion blur - off

Traffic sliders at 50

  1. Now load a flight at KLAX in the A320 at Gate 55. Clear skies. 12:00pm. AI traffic OFF

  2. Once loaded, slowly pan around the cockpit to load the textures. Then go to exterior view and slowly pan around the plane 360 degrees 3 times to load the scenery.

  3. Now go back in the cockpit on the default pilot view by pressing “F”

  4. Slowly pan around the windows while observing the FPS counter and see if your fps is MAINTAINING 28 and above (very important so don’t cheat yourself). If yes, then go to STEP 6. If no, then tweak your graphic settings and come back to the cockpit every adjustment until you can MAINTAIN 28 and above. Start by lowering Ambient Occlusion / then clouds / then Object LOD / then render scaling

  5. Go to settings, set Vsync - ON @ 60. Then turn off the developer mode then exit the sim.

  6. Now on the desktop open your display settings and change the monitor refresh rate to 30hz and click apply. Monitor will flicker for a bit. Confirm that you want to “KEEP” the settings. Then restart your computer.

  7. Open your display settings and confirm you are at 30hz.

  8. Open the sim and load the initial flight I described above and pan around the cockpit and exterior. At this point your movement should be smooth. If not, then turn on the fps counter again and start step 5. ADJUST UNTIL YOU CAN MAINTAIN 28+ fps.

If you have done everything correctly you should now be able to hop on any plane at most airports (except KJFK and LFPG) and have a very smooth flight.

Now you can go back to your graphics settings and go higher until your sim starts to stutter again. Only solution after that is having more money in your PC. :wink:

When I mean smooth, it should be similar to this:

A320 Landing at KBUR


That’s awesome. I have a 3080 and the stutter is caused by my CPU bottleneck (3700X).

Should I just lock it to 30 hz since the GPU should be able to maintain ~45-50 fps at Ultra? Is there any specific setting I should tweak to offset CPU limits

Overclocking is the only solution. But too much overclock is also bad. You know it’s too much when you see extreme flickering on the pavement when taxiing. The guide will tame your system so it will perform in balance. Temps and usage percentages will also go down as well. Stutters occur when any cpu core hits 100%.

Yeah sadly Ryzen just does not overclock.

I’m sort of considering switching to a 5600X, but that’s pretty expensive to have to buy another CPU.

Yeah my GPU is usually at around 60-70%, with CPU core usages up in the 90-100%

I don’t know if you’re able to play at 30hz though, it’s kind of annoying having your mouse cursor move slow

Tex synthesis- how much difference does this make visually, and what specifically should i look for? Haven’t tried adjusting this yet. Your Burbank landing video was so smooth. I have a 4k OLED tv that I can adjust to 30hz, I will give this a try.

Only visual difference is when you go to high. And it is noticeable on the pavement. You will see more asphalt.