Stuck on loading screen before flight?

Anyone else stuck on loading screen once you have selected airport and aircraft?

Blue bar is full but nothing is happening!



Which aircraft?

FBW. I believe I must update it. I will try that now

Yeah, I’m also stuck on flight loading screen :frowning: I expect there are server issues again…

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What plane are you using?

FBW a320 stable

same here… FBW a320… im currently testing with a default aircraft. will provide update.

Same for me. Stuck on loading screen once you have selected airport and aircraft with FBW A32NX. (Blue bar full). Tried with a default aircraft, and crashed to desktop with no errors. Was stable before latest update.

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Same for me, tried both FBW A320 and The A330-900 NEO, same problem… Checked FBW for updates, none…


1- No addon, all going through normal, test flight Ok.

2- With addons, and default aircraft, test flight Ok.

We’ll have to wait for an update from FBW team.

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If you want to run stable version go to


In notepad open file named panel.cfg

Scroll down


edit 3 lines



Save changes.


No problems for me with FBW development version. I believe an update will be available for the stable version soon.

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@TenPatrol great find/repair !

For new readers, check out below topic… there is a CM update that seems to give trouble with A32NX, Make sure you… rename Community, start MSFS in Safe mode, then activate the CM update and wait for the update to finish.


If you want to run stable version go to

THANK YOU!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s working again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You’re very welcome.
Fly safe capt :slight_smile:

Thanks! Same thing for headwind A330-900

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Market place A320NX same, stuck on load in case someone’s looking for it.

Same here ,blue bar full ,loading headwind A330-900 .

He is releasing an update today according to his post on

Thanks Kevin

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