Stutter/FPS drop when panning camera views (NOT FIXED)

Right I don’t know if it is or isn’t as far as sectioning out viewable screens, just trying to understand why the problem seems to be tied to such a specific, repeatable location.

Pre-cache has always been set to ultra.

I really don’t know whats going on with the sim nowadays. I’ve had this issue for a while now. As you can see in this vid I have stable 25-30 FPS in when the camera is static (looks smother coz of frame gen).

After paning the camera, frames go down until they are locked to 15 FPS. Then they just stay like that until I restart the flight. I do realise that for some reason the sim is using 14.2 out of the 14.1GB of the available VRAM. Why I only have 14.1 GB available in the fisrt place is another question when I have 14.6 or 14.7 available most of the time with the same programmes open in the background. And the fact that it even needs that much VRAM with texture resolution set to high instead of ultra also blows my mind… DX12 uses way to much VRAM imo. With DX11 it needs 8.6 in the same scenario… You can’t tell me that a 1400€ 4080 can’t handle the sim… I even have LOD lowerd to 150 and, like i said before, texture resolution set to high to lower VRAM usage. It’s ridiculous! So bloody weird…

5800X3D, 4080; should anyone ask.

The fact that it locks to half of your original 30fps suggests that it’s a synching issue. It sees it cant handle 30fps so cranks down to half that.

I have a 4070ti but only i7 9700. I dont use vsync but do set a frame limit (60) in the control panel. This is with FrameGen on BTW. Also although I am running 2k it’s not widescreen as yours seems to be.

In the below vid I have turned off the frame limiter so you can see the sort of fps you should be getting with your system which is quite a bit better than mine. Without OBS running I get even better frames than is shown here.

It doesn’t always half; it also locks to 15 when I have 40 or 50 prior to the lock.

Keep in mind that you are at freeware EGSS in the 738 with a resolution significantly lower than mine.

Less intensive scenery, less intensive aircraft, almost half of my resolution. Of course you’ll get more FPS than I do at Aerosoft EBBR with the Fenix at almost maxed settings and almost 4K Res.

The framelocking has nothing to do with the overall performance of the sim. How can I get 30, 40, or even 50 FPS prior to the locking and then all of a sudden 15. This is not your typical “PC just can’t handle it”, because it obviously can as it handled it 3 seconds before, and it handles it again once I go back to the main menu and load back in. This is not a performance issue per se, it is a programming issue.

instead of the usual 40-50fps i now as well get the locked at 15fps issue, not only after panning but all the time, everywhere


test with everything removed but the fenix. 720p, 1080p 1440p or even 4k (like in the screenshot) it caps out at round about 15fps (ultra, 100% DX12)

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