Stutter Stutter and more stutter

Try putting your Render scale higher, to always be GPU limited. Try with 125 and start testing from there to 140 or so. This really helps getting a smooth sim. Try to get around 20-30ms on the GPU graph in developer mode.

@jfim88 what you say is what I currently know about the sim as well, but today I was watching Flying Fabio test out the new Fenix. His hardware is similar to many of our high-end systems here on the forums.

What I noticed was that his main thread was being hit hard! Like 30+ms at times, yellow and reds bouncing all over, his GPU latency was maybe 15-20ms, and he was perfectly smooth. I would have expected many more stutters watching his main thread get hit so hard but it didn’t. Smooth as butter. I’m trying to figure out why! And his settings are posted on his website so its really no secret. Maybe his internet connection is super-stable or something…

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Open the task manager - click on the Processes tab - click on the CPU column. Observe which programs are causing the highest CPU load. Malwarebytes was hogging a lot of CPU time on my pc. When I disabled Malwarebytes my random stutters went away.

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Ah… I am a Malwarebytes user! Thanks for the tip, will report back on that.

Define ‘pretty high end machine’ for us.

I’ll drop that here as I see Windows 11 style explorers…

Latest gen intel (12) or ryzen, and a 30 series card. At least 32GB RAM. I would say a lot of folks have recently upgraded to just about these specs. Maybe some still running 10th or 11th gen and a newer card. Anyway, that’s, my loose definition for Monday!

Paring 10th or 11th gen cpus with 30series cards shouldn’t be an issue and the 30series cards aren’t really new anymore. There is already rumors that 40series is coming Q3 this year.

DX11 is in this sim is already a disaster. Games that support Vulkan,DX12,DLSS run well on my rig. Lets see what SU10 will bring.

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Here is the corresponding thread in the bugs section.

SU9 introduced a lot of stuttering and many other users (including me) experience the exact same problem. Asobo is currently investigating but we haven‘t heard anything since then.

Can anyone think of a game that has more issues than msfs2020.


Saw it yesterday too and thought the same thing. It is really a kind of a secret why his system runs so smooth and mine stutters all the time. It is really frustrating, tough…

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Hi ! try to delete the " CONTENT .XML in your MSFS folder, it will be rebuilt the next time you start the game and deactivate the ROLLING CACHE if it is activated and check the temperature limit of your graphics card. set it to 70 degrees max! du less for this game specially it should be much better

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Im having same issue, stutters all the time with the lillte loading circle appearing in the right-hand corner. Ran great before latest update. I have a GFX 3070TI and 32 Gig ram Pc
I learned if I run it in Dev mode its stutter free
Hope Asobo has a fix soon

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This is how I wish my sim was running but its not constant. When my GPU usage is maxed I get a smooth experience.

I followed the instructions as in another post, boosting my settings beyond ultra (all max + rendering 150%) and reducing the LOD value at 100. When my GPU has a lot of work to do everything runs smooth (35-60 fps), even with multiplayer on and with more than 100 Gigs in the community folder.
Decreasing the settings makes things lots worse. That is crazy.
i9 9900k + RTX3080ti+32GB


hmmm… I play since day 0 with ultra and this with much older hardware than yours… the LOD setting is the main thing which cause the main-thread limit, with or without that your GPU is in full load :slight_smile:

Probably CyberPunk when it was first released. And it took them about a year and a half to finally get the game in an ok shape (v1.5) on PS4 / Xbox One. They are also a MUCH LARGER studio (with about 800 employees or so) than Asobo.

I found that shutting off the Photogrammetry helped the stutters

I’ve been getting horrendous performance today. PG wasn’t working - Rome looked completely decimated. Very sad. I’ve now turned PG OFF and won’t be going back.

where can i set the LOD?