Stuttering, FPS, and load time issues (help)

Recently I bought a oculus quest 2 and when I saw that flight sim 2020 released vr compatibility I had to try it. However, my game has had very bad stuttering issues and I see a drastic drop in FPS on top of load times becoming a lot longer with the random “waiting” screen on my oculus when loading into my flight. Also, in vr at the home screen I can see the mouse stutter. I have tested to see my my computers performance and have not seen any major issues just the occasional 100% usage on my GPU and CPU but that only last for a minute or two. My question in the end is should I upgrade my computer and if so what should I upgrade, before anyone asks yes my drivers are all up to date.

Windows 10
Asus Nvidia 1080ti with 11gb of Vram
Intel i7 7700K overclocked to 5ghz
32 gb @ 3200mhz of DDR4 ram
running game on Samsung evo 970 ssd

Hi, there currently is a major bug that is exactly what you are describing that Asobo is aware of. Performance Degradation with Upgrade

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