Stuttering RTX2080 and recommended controllers

Hi all, new to this forum, and looking for your expertise.

I recently upgraded my GPU, From a GTX1660 to a RTX 2080.

The game tends to have this stutter when looking around, my specs are:
Ryzon 7 2700x
32gb DDR4 3000mhx
1tb SSD
RTX 2080
850w Corsair PSU

FPS tend to not go higher than 25-30, and in built up areas and airports 10-20

Ive followed the guide on here for optimising the settings to no avail.
All temps are good.

CPU usuage is always around 25%

Also, I use the SAITEK x52, which i used for years on FSX. however it doesnt seem too good on fs20, especially views.

when in the cock pit, i just want to use the centre pov button on the joystick to look around, however, it will just keep centering back, you cant get the view to stay in position, where as if you try my xbox controller, it stays wherever you leave it.

All help appreciated folkes.


Check out this post. It has helped me squeeze the performance while maintaining graphic fidelity. This should work for you.

You don’t say what resolution you are using but if it’s 4K then turn it down to 1440p (use windowed) set the GFX to Medium and turn off rolling cache, then fly fast and low in the XCub. This should let you know if it’s the game or something else that’s struggling and then you can work up from there. Your gear should let you run 40+ and smooth with High End GFX although I would recommend having FS2020 on a separate SSD.

Im only running in 1080p as thats all my monitor is. Im struggling to get 30fps on medium.

Ive gone through the settings walk through on here and nothing changed.

Its running on a 1tb samsung evo ssd.

Ive gone and ordered new ram and a new cpu.

If this doesnt work im at a loss.

The psu is a corsair gs800w.
Admittedly its about 7 years old, but never had an issue. Only when i changed to a more powerful gpu

You should be able to hit 60fps easy with that hardware on 1080p at medium, this check tool ( ) suggests your processor and gfx card should work well for 1080p gaming. Perhaps a clean install and a check on other apps or gizmos running on your system. I have 3000Mhz memory in my system, albeit with a Ryzen 3900x and a 3070, so your memory should not be a problem.

(one remote possibility is that your scaling resolution is set way beyond 1080p by mistake)

Today I installed a new ryzen 5 3600 cpu, and changed the ram to 3200mhz 16gb, as previously the cpu and ddr4 were quite old, and salvaged out of my old pc.

I booted up fs20, and put myself straight in ce tral london, and low to the building on medium i was getting around 40fps, and higher about 55fps.

The was still a slight bit of lag, but i feel that may just be the game it self.

Its running on a samsung evo ssd, which is new.

So this evening, ive formatted the computer again, and ill update tomorrow when the giant update has installed and see how thinga are

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