Stutters/Lags Coming Back (sighss...)

It sounds like I offended you. I certainly didn’t mean to. I mentioned that you quoted yourself only because I wanted you to know I was asking about something in the quote rather than in that post.
I apologize, but I’m still a little confused. So we’re trying to get GPU latency near 32 ms, not the CPU main thread latency to 32 ms?

Also experienced almost rhythmic stutters starting on final and on the ground at FlyTampa’s KLAS in the 747. Very annoying, even with managed GPU latency to 32ms and LOD to 80 instead of 100 and traffic sliders to 10.

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No, not offended at all. GPU latency set to 32ms. Everything else should be lower.

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Did you try it without the 3rd party addon?

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Thanks. I thought it was main thread CPU latency. Will make the necessary changes. As you can tell, this is not intuitive to me :slightly_frowning_face:


You do have to consider all measured latencies. It confuses a lot of people. This is not a “lower graphics, get MOAR FPS” environment that a lot of folks are used to. Simulators work differently.

Have you seen the full thread detailing graphics settings and their relationship to hardware?

It is a lot to get through, but if you read the entire thing, it should help you understand. Some of the settings have changed due to sim updates, but the basic concept of tuning using render latencies has not.

Hmm, no not yet. I suspect that adds something to it but another interesting thing is, my mainthread latency only goes into the yellow if my terrain LOD is below 30-40 or so. Is that a normal number to have to set it down to to eliminate stuttering?

Depending on your hardware and the traffic density of the area you are in (to include things you might not see like cars, ground personnel, birds, etc) it would not be unheard of. 3rd party content WILL hit your CPU harder, and is the most likely culprit. What CPU do you have? Also, are you seeing heavy loads on your other latency meters?

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  1. i7-9750h
  2. Renderscale meter also usually takes the same hit as the CPU when a stutter happens. Maybe another one, I’ll check next time but I know that renderscale usually also goes down
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Nvidia GPU?

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Yep, RTX 2060 mobile. Yes, I know it’s a gaming laptop but I mitigate temps with a cooling pad and temps never go above maybe 80-82C.

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Meh, I have the sim running on a 9 year old laptop with
an intel 4700 and an M770 (3gb), and a 12 year old desktop with an intel 2400 and a 1030 (2gb) for my kids. You’re fine.

Go into your Nvidia control panel and make sure fxaa and multi frame anti aliasing are off.

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Yeah they are, FXAA and MFAA are both off

Welp, in the interest of science we need to remove the variable of the airport addon and see what happens.

Will do. I suspect it’ll be slightly reduced seeing but still existent as LAS without the addon is still photogrammetry. Also, I suspect it’ll be severely reduced if I load in at LAS vs. approach from another airport; loading in the PG in the normal loading sequence vs. in flight would also make a difference. I’ll try flying in from another airport and seeing if it’s reduced.

Another thing; this addon may cause “regular” stutters but even at default airports there’ll be stutters, albeit very infrequent; maybe 1 or 2 10-second stutters/freezes on final.

You could delete all world updates and reinstall those. As started earlier, I had issues with other metrics prior to the reinstall of those packages, and it cleared up.

Pm me screenshots of your fps counter and settings, I can walk you through more off-thread.

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Before I was consistently able to hit 50ish FPS with almost Ultra. Now I’m hovering in the 30’s after backing graphics back to High End.

Also seeing lots of stutters. Last update definitely hasn’t been kind to me.


Yeah I started to see LOTS of new stuttering issues after the last update. Not happy…


I’ve played this game a lot when it was still in Alpha, I had a really good performance for my PC. After the game released, decided to take a break until some of the bugs were fixed. Came back recently, after a pause of a year, to see how things are going. Installed the game and I was shocked that somehow I managed to get less FPS than in the Alpha version of the game, when the game was still not optimised.


I rolled back my Nvidia drivers to early december and all my (micro)stutters were gone again. Had a great day flying around NYC and Detroit, smooth as silk.

For me it was the first time experiencing stutters and it was solely Nvidia’s updated drivers as it turned out.